Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Looking Back: Scary & Safe

Here's something I've been thinking about recently.
Not sure why, or what sparked it, but it's been on my mind, so I figured I'd share with you all.

On the eve of my 21st birthday, 9/11/09, my dad had emergency open heart surgery.

I want to describe my Dad, because well, he deserves it.
He is possibly the best, most loving, supportive, funny, helpful, advice giving, life shaping, husband, brother, son, banker, employee, ski instructing, weekend project going, tractor driving, work outing, inspiring, respectful, Tahoe loving, and thoughtful Dad ever. He is my 'D'.  Leaving this list at this doesn't even touch the surface of who he is as a person, and although his laugh may sound just like mine, dying seal esqe, he is great at anything.

As a college senior, full time summer employee, sorority girl, and soon-to-be 21 year old. I am not sure it all hit me during the time it was happening.  It's not to say I did not feel emotions, but the fear wasn't in me.  I never thought, he might not make it.  Because in my mind that was not an option.

The surgerey started at 7am, and Mom and I were there (brother was still in the air, he couldn't get a flight early enough to be there before it started) during all the anestea.  I can't share with you exactly what he said to me, but it left me (and Mom) in tears.

Brother arrived at 8am, and the longest 6 hours of our lives passed, slowly as we sat together in the dull, drab, and sterile hospital waiting room where nurses and patients pass through as though nothing was happening.

He came out, and we saw him all wrapped up in the ICU.  And as expected, my perfectly healthy Dad came out and made a text book recovery.

Two short months later the family went to Disneyland to celebrate Dad's birthday, and as he calls it, his 'second life'.  And it was really just amazing to think that he was riding the roller coaster with no looking back.

D (My Dad) says, we 'share a birthday' I'm 9/12 and his (second) birthday is 9/11.

I love this.

He called the other day to set up a lunch date, just because.
He's the glue that keeps us all together.
I still have a long list of things to learn from him, so I'm glad he's here to teach me.

 My brothers wedding 10 months after surgery



  1. Aw I have never seen that picture of you family. It's a great one. I'm very lucky to know your Dad too! He is a great guy and your entire family was always more than wonderful to me. I'm so blessed to know all of you.

    p.s. Remember the first time I met Glen? hahahaha

    1. Bahahahah yes, Can I see your ID?
      Great story.

  2. This is sweet! So happy to hear your dad is's are the best! I am a new follower and would love for you to stop by The Jem Journal and follow as well!

    1. Dad's are the Best, glad you agree. Thanks for dropping by. I will stop by for sure!!!!

  3. What a great thing putting these words down for all to share about your Dad. Dads can be wonderful people and sometimes we don't apprecaite them soon enough in our lives. You are different - you have seen the light. Oh yeah - made me cry !! Hugs...


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