Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Wore: Leopard Flare

So I rediscovered this Costco (<---yes you read that right, Costco) fitted collared shirt, and needed to wear it. Such a cute fit, who knew that something Dad picked up in a two pack back in college would still be in style? 

I am still so inimidated by all you fabulous fashion bloggers, but you inspire me.
To add layers.
Add flare.
Add accessories.
And fun.

So I tried with the vest.
The leopard shoes.
And sparkle leopard earrings.
Thought a statement necklace would have been too much???
You think?

Hope you All had a Fabulous morning.
This is how mine started.

Oh and Happy Halloween!
Ill be at home passing out candy tonight!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Jar and the Future

For all those ladies out there who are like me, thank you.
And for like me, I mean ladies who always have a list of things (clothes, shoes, whatever) that they want.
Now wants are different than needs, which is a HARD lesson to learn (read I am still learning it).
Like I need groceries, and want that cute Old Navy shirt, etc.
(even though you might just read about it later this week...)

You get the idea, I need not bore you all.
But while sweeping what felt like mounds and mounds of dog hair last week.
I decided I needed a Roomba or Mint (I haven't decided which yet).
But seriously it would make my life soooo much easier and cleaner, and let's be honest who doesn't want that???

I was not willing to drop Three Hundo plus on the toy, because again all I could see were other more 'useful' things I could spend that money on.  Gas, Christmas presents, life, etc.

So I made a Roomba/Mint jar.

Every time I have extra $$$ (cash) in my wallet I am going to put in the jar.
Like when I get a reimbursement check, or pay for a tab and friends give me cash- all that money goes in the jar.
Once the jar has $300 in it, I'm investing.

Now this may take a while, I know.
But since the robotic floor cleaning device is something I want and not something I need I figured I could work for it.

I like this so far. The jar sits on the table. 
Tempting me to save $ for it.
Get closer to those sparkly floors.

If you're having trouble, start a jar.
 I already have $82 bucks of my toy paid for!!!

What are you saving for???

P.S. If you have a Roomba or Mint please comment and let me know what you think of either and why. I am doing some serious research before I have my 'go buy moment'.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lists & Manicures

A girls first manicure.

It's kind of a big deal for a girl who didn't even paint her nails until she was 23.
I went for it with the gel nail polish - and damn they look good.
So there is a reason people pay someone else to do this.
So my advice to any skeptics is: Gel it Up. 

On another note. 
I have some big news.
I've become a list person.
I know I am a little late to this concept of making lists and crossing things or items off one by one.
But it feels so good and keeps me on track.

I actually feel like its going to save money and increase productivity at the same time simotaneousky (I know big words!!)

This weekend alone I made five lists.
Costco list
Grocery store list
Weekend project list
Need to do for the house this week list
Another grocery store list
Take that lists, I'll show you!!!
And the first three are all done!!! 

Now you may be wondering was a manicure (cough and pedicure) on the list???? 
The answer is no.
But it made for a great "reward" for being so productive.

I know that most of us bloggers are 'high achievers' or in fewer words 'doers'.
So you probably all already make lists.
Which makes this post null in void, BUT since I JUST started I thought I would share it with you.

So here is a list to share
Things to BLOG about:
 Disney Princess Color Book Obession
Hockey Girls Story
Skinny Dipping in Nice
The Truth About Gutter Cleaning
Sometimes I Wonder
What is Normal Anyways
Too Many Shoes???
The House Decor Adventures
Books Worth Your Time

Any Ideas You'd Like to Share?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Summer Dress Turned Fall,
Not sure we got it quite right this time. Lets try it again next week.
To review- Summer dress + jacket or sweater + tights + boots = fall outfit right????

Dear Awesome J. Simpson Boots,
(Pictured above)
You are a great fall addition. Thanks for finding me.

Dear Zoey,
Sorry we just didn't want any baby Zoeys. I really hope the new bed and toys we got you makes up for your cone and your pain :/.

Dear Gas Prices,
Did you really have to drop 30 cents the day after I filled up? That's just rude.

Dear Car,
Did you have a sleepover IN the garage last night? Guess all that work paid off :)
(see post here)

Dear Pumpkin Bread,
You are delicious, even with chocolate chips. Good thing the recipe makes two loaves.

Dear Running,
We're hanging out next week. Ill be gettin' active. Watch out.

Dear Mira,
Yay for coffee today!

Dear Bond,
Nov. 9th. I am already excited!!!

Dear Boyfriend,
Thanks for the date night this week. But even more so, thanks for being so patient with me all the time. Not sure how you do it. I love you. 

Dear Accent Table,
Welcome Home. You look awesome. 

Dear Short Friday,
Cheers to the weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I think I'm going to Bawsten...

Just so you know I hate , okay strongly dislike that song, but the city on the other hand is pretty awesome!!!

I started my travel series a couple of week ago.
(For those who missed out see more here, here, and here) and I thought I was going to share with you all my stories of international travel, until I realized that some stories happened here state side. Thus we get this story of BawSten also known as Boston.

This trip was a compiled group of awesome people doing nothing more than showing up in a city to party and walk around, oh and see a Red Sox and Celtics playoff game (and this is where the story starts....).

I have paid $180 for these nose bleed seats, but I figure NEVER again in my life am I going to a NBA playoff game. (Remember how good I am at following sports from this post?)

And I thought it would be fun, so I shelled out the mooohlah for ticket.
We arrive after swimming our way to our seats, and fetching $12 Beers.

We sit and enjoy the game.
Half time = Beer Time. 
So round two, or maybe three, of our overpriced beverages continued.

Back in our seats, I have my phone and camera in my lap, and my beer between my knee balls.
This is when it happens.
The camera slides from on top of the phone down my legs, and PLOPS in my beer.
And BTW this all happened in S...L...O...W...M...O...T...I....O....N.....

Summary of Boston Expenses
Red Sox Game-$50
NBA Playoff Ticket- $180

and for me a NEW CAMERA....

Thanks Boston.
You Rocked!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Fancy Huh???

Some might say this outfit is fancy.
And to that I would say, Old Navy and Marshalls got it goin' on.

Remember a while back when I wanted this skirt (here)
Well I finally got it!!! (Talked about it here)
You nailed it ON congratulations, I'll be back soon.

As for the shirt, J. Simpson via Marshalls for $11.99
We might be talking deal of the year here folks.
Wearable with jeans and boots for 'dressy casual', and skirt for more finished look.
I LOVE it.

I would like to talk about how WHITE , oh, what is that you can't see the rest of the word, it was white in case you were wondering) my legs are. 
It's just terrible.
Self Tanner here I come.
Jergens, Loreal, and Tan Towels we are about to be BFF4L.
Jeeez, good thing it's almost tight season.
Then I can rock out patterned tights, and spare you all my blinding limbs.

I wore this to an employee appreciation dinner. Which was open bar and awesome!!!
It wasn't a sups fancy one, but a nicer evening in my opinion.
It was the perfect choice!!!!

In other news.
This was my weekend. VERY STRESSFUL.
More to come tomorrow
Happy Monday :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Things Don't Always Go As Planned

This weekend I almost got eaten alive.

Just Kidding, but this is what I did do...

 Jewel Tones, always make for a good day.  Somehow they always make me feel wayyyyy more fashionable than I actually am. Gotta fake it to make it folks.
Our garage is clean, the floors are sealed, and everything is in it. We beat the rain by one 10 hours, we woke up to rain today (about darn time).  Anyways, remember when I wrote about it here, well it's finally done.  We thought it'd take an hour on Sunday, six hours later, the boys (and I) still weren't inside.
This 'walking pie' may have change my life, every time I eat one. I may have an extra one sitting in my freezer, as a 'Just In Case' pie.
Brushetta with homegrown tomatoes is a great Friday appetizer. It is also going to be great on the Margarita pizza I made with the left over.
You can hardly call this 'babysitting' when they are: in matching pajamas, matching positions, and watching Star Wars with you on your bed on Saturday night (and eating Honey Teddy Grahams). Then continue the cuteness by bragging about how awesome their night was to their sister.
This is how cute my dog is. Please don't stop yourself from thinking she might be the cutest puppy in the world, because she is.

One last thing.
I may have drown my afternoon in apple doughnut holes. 
How could I resist?

Get in my tummy.
You yummy, addicting, sugary morsels.

That was my weekend of nothingness (remember how excited I was about it???
It turned incredibly productive and busy.
I even missed a kick ball pot luck, because the garage was not finished and we had to beat the rain.
But I'll make it up to you ladies, I promise.
Pinkie promise, that is.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.
Oh, have I mention to you all how much I was the Roomba??
Real bad, like it's top on my Christmas/Random I Love You gift lists.
Second maybe to these comfy looking things.

Til Later Ladies, Keep It Real.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Nadine,
I'm excited for your puppy, and our plans.
This is going to be great.
(Nadine and I above Boston, May 2011)

Dear Weekend of Nothingness,
I am 100% ready for you.
Bring It On (and maybe I'll watch that movie!!!)
Although I am probably going to try to download Pitch Perfect.
Remember how much I loved it from this post?

Dear Old Navy Skirt,
You rock my world.
Thanks for making me look like a fancy grown up.
(Pictures to come this week, keep your eyes peeled)

Dear Zoey,
You make me smile.

Dear Home Grown Tomatoes,
Such a nice flavor for bruschetta.
Thanks Scott for the thoughtful homegrown gift.

Dear Christmas Shopping,
Ready or not, here I come.
I am going to be so on top of it this year.

Dear Apple Pie,
You should be sitting on my counter right now.
Weekend of nothingness, change of plans.
Baking was just added to our agenda.

Happy Friday Ladies.
I hope it was a good one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

College: Four Years, Four Binders

I've been clearing all my belongings that my parents so kindly piled in their garage, and I came across ALL my college school work.
I had saved every quarters worth of essays, readers, notes, and tests. 
Thinking someday, maybe I'd reference them again.
Haven't though about them once since I graduated.

Here is what my four years (sixteen quarters) of college paired down to, after saving some writing sample, and class notes that I MIGHT use in the future.
Four binders.

Four measly binders.
This wouldn't make you think I went to a nationally ranked school would it????
Got you there, because I DID.
Thanks Mom and Dad for my college education.
Aren't you scared this is what I have to show for it???

But let's be honest sifting through all this school work made me nostalgic.
Not for classes, but for college life.
Although my four years of classes can be represented in four binders.
I have 2,209,284,573 pictures to show my four years.
 Those were the years.
No worrying about your 401K.
No facetime-ing with your best friend, because they live next door.
No wondering if three coffees in one day were too many?

There is nothing that will really prepare you for life after graduation.
Everything changes.

No more living with my best friends.
No more Monday sorority meetings.
No more working only 20 hours a week?
No more, "Can I borrow that shirt tonight?"
No more, what party are you going to?
No more campus culture.
No more every weekday weekends.

So this post is dedicated to my awesome college years.

When 3am bedtimes and 7:30 wakes ups were manageable.
When red cups and ping pong balls were found in every kitchen.
When matching shirts for every big event were standard procedure.
When biking was cooler than driving.
When Aunies Mac n Cheese was dinner more than once a week.
When Real Housewives and The Hills were weekly events.
When last minute road trips were normal.


I loved my college life (above)
In Better News.
I love my life now too (below)!!!

Happy Wednesday Ladies.
Hump Day.


Amazing what pinterest has created.

In my case it's a addiction.

I love to look at things people have pinned, get inspired by things people have pinned, drool over foods people have pinned, you get the picture.

I tell my boyfriend I am going to bed, turn over and pin for 15+ minutes.
Now that's just sad. 
But when it creates good things like banana raspberry bread (over here), and outfits.
I am totally okay with it.

Here is a simple pin that I recreated.

Great way to dress up a plain tee.

Wish my hair was as fabulous as hers.

Maybe someday when I learn to curl it will be.

Until then, this is all I got.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What I Wore: Jail Bird Edition

Yup, I know.
You musn't tell me.
I look like a jail bird.
 The worst part is this shirt came in blue, beige, and black. And I bought black not even thinking of what I might look like when I wore it.

But whatevs. No judging.
Because it's super cute, and SUPER DUPER comfortable.
It's from Nordi's, and I got months ago during their semi annual sale.
I was waiting to wear it until our (California's) weather changed.

So the high may have been 72, but I COULDN'T wait any longer for the fall fashion.
If you can call my style, fashion. 
It's most like comfort, but you know. 
Comfort is convienet, and that's what I am all about.

Anyways, hope you're all having a great day. 
And no I didn't jail break...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Zoey,
Glad you like your duck so much that it's now headless. 

Dear Thursday,
Great news came.
 More to come on this later.

Dear Wednesday Morning Run,
I can't believe I tripped on uneven pavement and fell flat on my face. 
That's just embarrassing. 
But you can't get me down, I was right back up and finished my three miles.

Dear Giants,
That'll do boys, that'll do.

Dear Lion King,
Thanks for being on TV last week. Made my night. I forgot how great it feels to sing along.

Dear Dishwasher,
Is it bad that there is only two of us, and we need two of you???
Next house for sure. Double.

Dear Fall Weather, 
You arrived. 
About. Darn. Time.

Dear Anti Lock Breaks,
You work well. 
Tested you this morning and safely avoided bumper to bumper contact.
The person in front of me wasn't so lucky :(

Dear Life,
You're keepin' it real.

Oh the Places You'll Go: Just Jump Edition

This is the third edition of my Flashback Travel Series.
(See the first here and second here)

My final year of college (boy do those years seem like so long ago) a random boy moved in.
And by random, I mean random. None of us (my college roommates and I) had met him, and we only had one email confirming he was going to move in. 

If this sounds at all sketch. You are totally right. 
But I guess that's how those New Zealander's do it, because our roommate Brad showed up at our door on his move in date like his single email promised.

He was studying abroad in the United States and came to our Uni, as they say, for our water ski team. On his first day as a our roommate, I invited myself to come visit he and his family in New Zealand. 
Bold move you might say, a self invite.
 Yup, you're right.
But how else was this gal going to convince her parents she needed to go to New Zealand???
Gotta work the system folks.

We grew to be close, and Brad spent holidays with my family, and became the joking, proding, irritating in the most loving way brother. 

 We're in NZ on our way to Milford Sound
 which BTW looks like THIS:

Best state side memory of Brad, which is the funny part of the story.

Me: In the kitchen making breakfast in my boyshorts and t-shirt
Brad: Getting ready to leave for a water ski competition
Me: Blabbing on about nothing
Brad: Affirms my blabbing, and says, "Sweet As"
Me: What did you just say?
Brad: Sweet As
Me: Blank stare of shock
Brad: What
Me: You just said sweet A**, and you're my roommate
Brad: Oh in New Zealand Sweet As means, I affirm what your saying is cool.
Me: But in your accent it sounds like Sweet A**, and I am currently in my underwear.
Brad: Oh, yeah. You are.

A few short months later I had flown across the dateline and was in New Zealand.

New Zealand memory. Bungee Jumping, 440 feet.
The Nevis Pictured here.

Me Pictured Jumping Here
This was by far the most extreme sport thing I have ever done.
The fall felt like it lasted FOREVER, but when I came back up, I wanted to do it again.
Such an awesome adrenaline rush.

If you get a chance to bungee. 
Don't think Twice.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Best $5 I Ever Spent

So no judging, but aside from the James Bond series, Top Gun, and The Notebook, I admittedly have terrible taste in movies. And by terrible I mean that any super tacky movie appeals to me(read Honey,  Dear John, Step Up), you know pretty much every movie that was given half the budget of a three star movie, is a movie I am bound to love.

But anyways, last night I went to $5 Movie night.
Which BTW was probably the cheapest movie I have seen since I was, oh wait ten years old.  Since when did movies get so expensive...anyways. Sorry about that tangent.

Pitch Perfect was great. 
It was comedic, more every day off the cusp, version of Glee mixed with High School Musical (which I own and love) and Brides Maids, but more entertaining.  The comedy and quips in this film (<----not sure a movie with the Pitch Perfect deserves this title) but none the less it kept me laughing the ENTIRE time.

Were the ideas far fetched, absolutely. 
 Since when do singing groups have roof top sing offs?  And initiation nights? and since when do the guy and girl not end up together at the end?  They always do.
So stop judging a film by these standards, because they are by default going to happen. 

If we're judging a film by the amount that it makes you do any and/or all of the following:
talk about
(repeat lines Step Brothers anyone??)

Then pitch perfect was a AWESOME movie.
It made me laugh so hard I was crying.
We were talking about it, and imitating it (Fat Amy) when we came out.
It also made me wonder...will there be a sequel???

If there is sign me up.
I am down for any cheesy musical/dance movie.
Because lawd knows that Burlesque, High School Musical (1,2, and3), Hair Spray, Glee, Honey and  Up, are awesome.

So just ADD this one to the LIST.
It's a must see for me.
I will go see it again in theaters, I will own the soundtrack, and I will download it as well.
Not to sound too obsessed or anything.

Seriously hop to it.
And have a great humptidy hump day.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Are Short Boots In??

So I got these weeks ago at DSW.
Remember when I teased you about a fabulous find here???

Well ladies, these are the fabulous find.
Mid Calf Boots.

Now the real question.
Do these work?

I am nervous they would
1. Cut off my legs
2. Make my legs looks short and stalky
3. Make me look like big foot
You know the normal concerns about shoes...

Nothing about these screams, you'll look super girly and feminine, in my opinion that is.
I think they are more cute, fun, and entertaining.

But what do you think?
Do they work?
Or do I look like big foot?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY: Get A Organized Garage

So most of you were thinking the DIY might be something totally cute and adorable.
Nope, sorry.
But it's something totally practical and AWESOME. 
So listen up.

We're on a quest to make our garage awesome functional, which I guess would be awesome.
 So awesome it is.
 It was just so full of stuff from here or there, boxes I never unpacked when I moved in, forgotten about things, you know typical garage stuff. 

But, we decided we wanted to us it for it's actual purpose. A garage.
So a this week we cleared the whole thing out, and made piles.
A his pile, a her pile, a dump, throw away, and donate pile, you get the idea.

Yup those are my skis :)

We, and this time the we is he and his dad, insulated the whole thing, and put up drywall. Yay for drywalled garages. And they also sealed all the cracks in the concrete.

Today we, yes I am back in this DIY, leveled the recently filled cracks, swept, and vacuumed, and used super degreaser stuff to ensure the floor was ready to be sealed.

Tomorrow we get to roll on the seal, that has speckles in it to finish the floor. 
Then we'll put the cabinets (old ones from the kitchen), and the fridge (pre-remodel fridge) back in, and viola.

I'm just excited we're making progress on the house. 
It's ALL coming together.

This is what I (with the help of others) picked out this weekend.
Ordering it this week from RC Willey.
Hello new friend, you're going to look great in the hallway!!

I guess is what grown up is like, house projects on the weekend, and furniture shopping.
Good news is I am totally okay with it. 
Because both were fun!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Britney,
You look like a hot mess on the X Factor. When did this happen? You should probably look into washing your hair before the show.

Dear Friday,
Here already, thank you.

Dear Blue Angles, 
We meet again this weekend. Great news.

Dear Bikram Yoga,
We're three sessions in and although I can't say that I found my inner 'Zen', I am love how stretched our I feel. I think I'll keep going.

Dear Nadine,
Thanks for taking my challenge HERE. (If you missed out, see my challenge here). I love you support. Always.

Dear Old Navy,
Bad things happened last weekend. End of Story there.

Dear Roots,
So you're telling me it's time for fall low lights?? Ugh, fine I'll oblige probably next month, until then please try and camouflage yourself for me. 

Dear Vests,
Are you suddenly in? All my style crushes have been rockin' you recently. (Here, here, here, and here).

Dear Uggs,
I've never owned a pair, or even a knock off pair. I have ALWAYS been again you. But you're looking more comfortable and comfortable as the years go on. This year we might be buddies. I'll keep you posted.

Oh the Places You'll Go: Missing Tooth Edition

I started my flash back travel series of the places you'll go last week.
If you missed out, you're not too late to join in the fun, because you'll be all caught up after reading this post.
As promised I am going to flashback to some trips and just how fun they were. 
Because like I said last time, and like we all know. Every vacation has a story.

I wasn't sure where to start because thinking back on my trips there are too many stories to think of.
So I figured I would start from one of the more hilarious/embarrassing stories. 

So it's July 2006, and we're (my two high school buddies and I) are in Barcelona for a couple days.
We had just come from Nice, France and we took the long train ride to Barcelona.
The moment we arrived at the hostel we saw a sign that said 50 Euro for a ride to the Running of the Bulls, but that's for another time. 
You'd never be able to tell my right front tooth was fake right???

Anyways this seaside hostel has a great location, complimentary breakfast, and perhaps the weirdest bedroom arrangement of all time. 

The three of us (at the time just barley high school graduates) were sharing a room with three male High School teachers. If that doesn't seem a bit sketchy to you then I don't even know what to say. But none the less the six of us were roommates, and shared ONE bathroom. Yup one.
It was right in the middle of our month long Euro Adventure so we wanted to sit, beach side, and soak up the sun, and that exactly what we were doing.

I walked to the local bakery to grab something for lunch. And by something I mean a baguette salami, cheese, butter sandwich that only the Europeans can make taste like a million dollars.  I took one bit, and feel this SNAP in my mouth.
My immediate thought, "I need to fly home early, because my fake front tooth fell out." Which at the time seemed like the ONLY rational solution.

At the Gaudi building, post tooth disaster.

But after my original freak out, I gather the troops and walk down to the local pharmacy.

At this point I have my tooth gent long laying in the gum bed, in attempts to look normal. But when the women at the pharmacy asked me what wrong- her face went white when she saw me remove the tooth and smile.

Seeing as none of the three of us spoke Catalan- I figured showing her my toothless smile would be the most effective way to communicate what I needed.

She goes behind her counter and comes back with denture glue.
Pink with silver sparkles denture glue.
Me, a 17 year old with denture glue, how embarrassing.

Needless to say the next two weeks, my pastry and baguette indulgence were limited.
I became a expert back chomper chewer, and refined speaking with limited frontal tongue touching.

Brushing the teeth became a process
1. Remove tooth
2. Brush teeth
3. Brush tooth
4. Glue tooth in the tooth

And the best part.
I had to sleep tooth out, in fears I would swallow it in my sleep.
I would leave my tooth in my toiletry bag and re-glue upon wake up.

Yup, if you ever want to have fun in Barcelona, just be sure you break off your front tooth.
It will complete any Euro trip.
And make EVERYONE of your travel buddies Laugh their A**** off.

Good news is the rest of the trip was a hit.
And we went straight from their to Paris, for Bastille Day, which you will read more about in a few weeks.
Smiling, denture glue and all.

Happy Thursday lovelies.
Make it count!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

24 Plus 2 - Oh What I Could Do

Do you ever wider just how productive you would be if you had just two more working hours in the day???

I am telling you, with two more hours, I could do a whole heck of a lot.

Here are some things that would be different for me...

Zoey would be perfectly trained. (Read not attempt to lick the peanut butter off the knife on the island, or eat the sprinkler heads)

The house would never have dishes in the sink, nor would laundry be piled up.

You'd never see me with chipped nail polish, Hello nicely manicured hands nice to meet you (which currently never happens)

Dinner would always be home made!

Every book on my kindle would be read.

I'd be so organized, some might call me the most organized girl west of the Mississippi.

My car would never need washing, okay maybe not NEVER but rarely.

I'd be SUPER fit.

Project Runway would not have 6 unwatched episodes sitting on the DVR.

My friends and I would all be up to date.

The extra bedroom would be organized.

Our grass would be weedless.

And the list goes on...

But because there are only 24 hours in the day, and the list above isn't reality.

I am just a normal gal.

Thanks pinterest for this yummy and healthy recipe.
It was delicious

Monday, October 1, 2012

What I Wore: Boys Edition Part One

On one of my many trips to target, I picked up a shirt or two for my boyfriend. 
It was one of those super sale finds at $7.38 I figured, even if he hated it. It was a good buy.
He didn't hate it, but after one trip through the dryer it was just a little too tight to wear.
Damn you 100% cotton, you duped me again.

It was left hanging in the closet despite this.

While struggling to find an outfit the other morning, as per usual...
I tried the shirt on thinking maybe, JUST maybe I could make it look cute.

That's when it came to me. 
A personal challenge.
To see how many ways I could style this men's polo.

So as my little blog grows and develops, you will randomly see this shirt.
Paired with different items, in what I hope will be 'feminine' ways.

Here is the first look that I put together. 
I know the corner knot look it kind of 'in' right now.
And I thought a maxi would add feminine flare.

What do you think?
Do you ever rock men's collared shirts?

I triple dog dare you to try this yourself.
If you, do let me know.
I'd love to see it!!!!