Thursday, September 6, 2012

PSL Sorta Morning

So it's a far cry from Friday, but lets be honest folks Thursdays during three day weeks are glorious.

Just when you get that :damn it were only half way through thought: you realize...You're wrong. And it's almost the weekend again.
Also this weekend we have some super fun things planned, so I have a little something extra to look forward too.

Last night was dinner with good Friends. Amazing how a random recreational kickball team can really bring a group of gals together.
Dinner was nothing fancy- but this restaurant was on the Food Network, so it automatically gets cool points, and it helps that my Hot Blonde Sandwich was super tasty.

Also what is up with Old Navy having cute things right now???
I randomly stopped by their website (and by random, I mean random, I hardly ever think to check them out) and I found these three gems that seem like they might just need to come home with me.
And although I am not the worlds biggest Starbucks lover but, I am a sucker for the infamous and seasonal PSL (Pumpkin Spice Lattes for you slow pokes).

I waited in the drive through (this doesn't scream American at all) line for 7 minutes this morning. Just for my fancy flavored cup of Joe!!!!

Totally worth it.


  1. I LOVE old navy! they have the cutest things! I want that striped dress! And I can't wait to try a fall drink from starbucks!

    1. I don't go there often enough to LOVE it, but I am thinking I should. I want to buy and wear the dress with boots :)

  2. right? PSL is delicious! and i love that last dress!

    xxClassic & Bubbly

  3. I want the skirt and dress from Old Navy! But there sizing is so hit and miss im afraid to order it. I want the striped dress to wear with boots!

    1. I totally agree. We'll have to plan a Old Navy Date!!! I totally wanted the dress to wear w/ boots too! and the skirt to wear with tights and flats. Hurry Up Fall!

  4. I love that last dress, definitely going to take advantage of their 25% off right now. New follower, love your blog <3

    1. The dress is my favorite of all three. Fall with boots. Yes please!!! Thanks for the heads up on 25% off I had no idea. Thanks for stippling by !!!


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