Monday, September 10, 2012

Find me a Find

I spent some time at Target, Marshalls, and Ross this weekend.
And found some goodies for the house.
We are 'in the process' (long process) of decorating, and I was trying to pick a few things out.

First I got distracted by THESE leopard socks. $3 well spent!!
They will be so full of sass under boots this winter.
 Found this vase/mug/thingy-ma-bob at Ross for $11.99 I figured it could be decorative on some table or nightstand.
 This artwork was at Marshalls for $29.99 I like the simplicity, the nature, and the color scheme.
Where should it go??? Hall?? Bedroom???
 This clock was $16.99 at Marshalls, and will likely live on a dresser or bookshelf. 
I just liked the detail.

This art was on sale at Target for $20 bucks so it had to come home with me.
Dainty right?
And where should this friend live??
I will find a place.

Also, question.  Where does one find decorative things (small things) for a bathroom.
Candle holders would be too much (read: we already have those in our bedroom, pictured below clearly next to the TV).
I found a vase the other day but it seemed too, ehhhh I dunno.
Help folks. 
What would you decorate this space counter top with??
I am thinking we need something to the Left of the sink.
You think??
Your opinions please!!!

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