Saturday, September 8, 2012

Copy Cat - That's Me

I am probably behind the times, but I JUST found the blog. 

What She Wore 365 
(link here)
If you haven't wandered over there yet, I recommend it.
She tells you where and when she got most outfit components.
And honestly like every single outfit she has put together.  They look like normal, 'I could put that together outfits'.  You know sometimes (i.e. daily) you see the outfits on blogs that are too cute for words, or totally put together that often make you, (okay well I can't speak for you but...) feel like you are the least fashionable person on the West side of the Mississippi.

So I decided I was going to copy a comfy cute look that she put together.

Not suite as cute, but I'll get there.


  1. Where'd you get your shirt? I love it and I've been looking for one like it.

    1. I got it as a gift but it is from Nordstrom Rack. I know they have cute ones at Old Navy right now!!! I love this shirt great as light over 'jacket' or actual shirt!!!

  2. I like her blog!! your copy is perfect! love it!

    1. Thanks!! I feel like I was the last one to discover her blog!!! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  3. Hi girl!

    jeans shirt always great!
    we love it!
    girls from VOGUELE

    1. I know right??? I JUST got mine and wear it all the time. Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. So funny, I just saw this pin the other day and was thinking of buying the shirt at old navy since i already own leggins!! such a comfy fall type outfit :)


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