Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Notebook & A Story of My Own

The Notebook was on TV last night, and despite the fact that I have seen it 193,230,401 times, I sat through the commercials to enjoy the love story.

Such a great movie.
And a reminder of how hot Ryan Gosling is.

But this post is supposed to be about my story. 
Where we met.
My love story. 

It's not a glamorous story, cough, we met at a bar, but it always makes me chuckle.

Let me set the scene for you.
Me: sober driver for a friends birthday
Him: out with friends, and lets just leave it at NOT the DD

Anyways there are five blondes sitting at a table, chit chatting, and what not: My girl friends are all prowling the bar searching for cuties to talk to when a blonde boy with scruff walked up to us and just sat down, making it clear he wasn't just 'dropping by'.  
He actually bought the birthday girl a drink.

As he and his group of friends stay and chat for a while, me, the sober driver, am less than impressed.  Who are these drunk fools?
Go away, I am too sober for this.

He's mumbling about something or another when he mentions he went to college in Colorado and skied, which naturally sparked my interest. 
 So I told him if he ever needed a ski buddy to let me know, and returned to my abrasive #iamtoosoberforthis cross armed position.

When we got up to leave he came over and told me, "I didn't want your friends number, I wanted yours," which I found hard to believe based on my stand off-ish vibe, but I obliged to  his drunk theory, and gave him my digits.  

Secretly I think it was just my self esteem boost of the day year.  
He was the first one to ask for number at a bar, EVER, in my entire life. 
Which is JUST totally embarrassing and sad to admit.

This is the part that we will forever disagree. I know that I am right, because I was the sober one.  He argues he is right, because he 'would never do something like give someone a fake last name and the right phone number'.

He had given me his real number, and what I am convinced was a false last name. 
Lets just say on our first date I was shocked to hear what his last name actually was, because it didn't match what I had soberly entered ten days before...I'm just sayin'.
But because both parties (he&I) think we know the real story, we will call in a truce.
Agree to disagree.

Fast Forward two days and ballsy me, texted him.
My text went something like,"Hey it's the crazy skier girl from the bar. Not sure if you remember, but I'd be happy to grab drinks like you suggested. Let me know if your interested."

He texted me back.
And he took me on a 'date' with his friends to the diveiest bar in town.
I guess I passed the 'test', because the next year and a half are history.

 Mexico. April 2012

But really he's the best thing that's happened to me.


  1. Aww. What a sweet story! My husband and I have alternate stories of how we started dating too. He swears he called me the next day after we (under the influence) admitted that we liked each other. I don't recall this phone call ever happening... It doesn't matter though. We're happily together! :)


    1. I am glad someone else has two different stories. So funny!!! Thanks for dropping by :) Glad to hear you two are happy!!


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