Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love is in the Details

There are many things I am compulsive about, we all have quirks.
my list includes:
Leaving dishes in the sink is not in my nature, it's none or all.
I can't go to sleep fuzzies between my toes.
Needing to find a song I like before I start driving, even if it's just around the block.
Eating my daily banana between 11am and 11:30am.
You know totally normal things...

(my drive to work, Rascal Flatts on the radio)

But if there's one thing I am very compulsive about, it's Thank You Notes.
That's right folks, the snail mail kind.

Call me old fashion, a brown noser, or a creature of habit, but I send a thank you for almost EVERYTHING.

My Mom always forced required that I write a thank you for every gift, ever when  I was little.
Her torture eventually wore off on me, and through High School I found myself writing Thank You's for the small things.

 This isn't prom, but it's still a fabulous picture from high school  :)

Moms love Thank You notes for things like: dinners at their house, or hosting prom photos, etc.
This is when I had a epiphany: This Thank You Note habit MIGHT just be a good thing.

Now I am of the opinion that nothing says, "I really care," more than a hand written card.
It's like a little slice of you being hand delivered to someones door.

Target and Marshalls are the best place to pick up cute packs of cards.
I recently got three different sets...I might have a stationary collection.
No judging.

It's the personal touch of handwritten doodles, and a custom salutation, and that fact that someone (whether you saw them or not) had to hand delivered the note that makes snail mail so special.
I always like drawing swirls and hearts the most.
If you get snail nail from me, you know what I am talking about.

Any can send an email, but not everyone sends a card.
Love is in the Details.

I wish I could write you all Thank You Notes.
A Thank you for supporting me through the beginnings of my blog space.

But I'll leave you with this.
My Monday, an evening of Thank You Noting and Journaling to Friends.


  1. new[est] follower. my mom made me do the same thing! :) love it and hate it all at the same time!

    stop by sometime!

    1. right, so ridiculous. But aren't you glad mom mad you do that now?? Thanks for stopping by!!!


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