Monday, September 3, 2012

I Survived: Marathon Two Work Days Edition

So if you haven't already heard about my crazy work weekend here and here.

I worked 30 hours in two days. 
And did all 30 hours while smiling!!!

This is what your staff will look like after the thirty hours. Delirious, tired, and TOTALLY awesome!!!

Good news is I survived, and got to spend Sunday and Monday at the lake!!!
This is one of the last weekends we'll be beach side at the lake, until next year.
So we enjoyed sitting, relaxing, and even sleeping in the sun. 

The LAZY Lake Look:
A walk with all FOUR puppies, a cocktail, and good company.
Blondes Four puppies sure do turn A LOT of heads.

The whole crew!

 We tried for eight takes to get a cute one.
Nope, this is the best we could do.
Congratulations, goobers of the year!
And if my nose could look more like a birds beak that'd be great.

Here are all four pups. The three blondies sleeping together, and our little just hangin' out!
 And now we're at home being super productive and doing all our housework laying on the bed (Yes Zoey is up here) doing nothing but watching all our recorded programs.

The most embarrassing of which is America's Got Talent.
No judging.

Hope you all Enjoyed your three day weekend!


  1. Cute blog! I just found it and started following!
    I like your style.



    1. Thanks :) My style is pretty darned simple. Mostly because I lack creativity.
      Thanks for dropping by!!!


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