Saturday, September 8, 2012

Up Up and Away: The Weekend

This weekend was the airshow.
I told you guys about it here.

I love air shows- this is the second year my boyfriend and I have gone to this one together. 
Added bonus every year it falls right around my birthday!!

My uncle flew in air shows when I was younger, so I grew up around them, and have enjoyed them ever since.  Last year, my entire family attended an air show.

Epic fail on my part, I did not bring sunscreen.  But Kaiser came through in the clutch with a Sun Screen bar complete with extra large ketchup sized bottles of SPF.

So thanks to Kaiser for saving my shoulders, legs, feet, and ears from the red lobster look.

Here are some snap shots of show.
Clearly, I am not the worlds BEST photographer, but I am workin' on that. 
 (Along with a zillion other things)

I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!!!

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