Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Local Side of SBSL

When you grow up in the same town your mom grew up in, the same town that your parents met in, and the same town that your grandmothers (yes both), your family name (both my last name, and my mothers maiden name) is known.

For those of you that haven't already heard, I grew up, went to college, and now have my career all in the same town. 
Population 56, 000.

Some call is small, some say middle sized, but for a town that had no hospital when I was born, and just got a Target three years ago, I'd say it's pretty darn small.

It's hardly important when you are a younger, none of your friends know that your Mom grew up there, the most important thing is who has which American Girl doll, and who is the best pogo player

My father has been the president of Rotary and the Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, he runs the local bank.  Let's just say 'people know him'.  And my Mom was one of seven kids, and is the only one still local so most people know her family someway, somehow. 

I grew up in a cute town, where families do things together on the weekends, and neighborhoods are more like a large family than a place you live.  My Mom organized Easter Eggs hunts, and my brother and I walked to school from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

My bike was my friend, and in middle school I biked nearly everywhere, downtown, the movies, to friends houses, the grocery store, etc.

All of which I totally enjoyed, I didn't have to rely on my parents to cart of me places.

People, 'the locals', and my friends often ask me if I am interested in leaving.
(Side Note: I just moved one town over (15min drive), but I still work there.)

My answer is, "I'm Happy".

Yes I lived in the same town age 0-23, yes I went to college less than 2 miles from where my parents lived (but got a top of the line education), yes I have never lived 'far away' from my parents, but I feel great about it.

I'm happy, healthy, and having fun. 
I enjoy my job and love the social networks and support systems I have.
The people that ask me occasionally leave the impression that I have been living under a rock and don't get out and do things, meet people, or have fun.  BUT they are wrong.

I have enjoyed every bit of my life, and don't think that geographic location is really important.
I wouldn't change my 'localness' for the world. 

Just call me 'The Local Girl'


  1. New follower and love this post :) I live 7 hours away from my family right now and would love to be closer to them! So I think you're lucky :)

    1. Thanks. I feel pretty darned lucky too!!!! Thanks for stopping by. And 7 hours- good news is skype and facetime are awesome!!!

  2. I think one day you should list how many countries you've been too! You are by far the most well traveled person I've ever met (who is our age). It IS a cute town. It's a safe town. And it is a wonderful town. If my family had been there, I never would have left either. Plus, since you're there, I can always visit. Love you!

    1. Thanks. You are always welcome to visit!!! I miss you, and love you too!!!
      P.S. I wish we had fall weather here.


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