Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome LIY Visitors

Dear LIY visitors, 
Welcome to my blog!!!

If you followed me, you'd know a lot about me, you'd know I'm a local gal, who loves skinny jeans (jeggings), and just got a puppy , BUT you'd also know Fridays I normally write letters.
One could say for lack of creativity, but others (me) could say because it's fun and I always have letters to write, but don't we all...
Regardless. Welcome.

Now you may think I wore yellow and a fabulous necklace in honor of Erin, and you may or may not be right, but I'll let you decide.  
If you want the truth, you'll have to read the end of this post.

Now Back to the Good Stuff.

Riddle me this:
"Don't Sweat the Petty things, and don't pet the Sweaty Things"
my 'High School' boyfriend (long story)  ALWAYS said this.
I thought it was DUMB until I went to BIKRAM YOGA for the first time on Wednesday.
So that was my something new this week.
If you want to read about other new things I have tried, this post is a fun one.

What else is happening in my life?
Well I've finally got on this Old Navy boat.
You know the one everyone, who is anyone is talking about (here, here, and here)
A couple of weeks ago I wanted some ON goodies (read here), and scored this dress, but I'm heading back this weekend on a mission for that $19 shirt Erin oodeled about.
I also think I want this gem to wear with boots (sans fur).

This weekend we had grand plans of doing something fun, because last weekend I was stuck in the office both days last weekend, but we'll likely just end up cleaning the garage (already started, currently have all the contents of the garage across the ENTIRE backyard) which is such a grown up thing to do, but once it's done it will be nice, and organized which will be such a relief.
The perks for being an adult, sometimes are less than thrilling.

So any hootsie tootes (I always wonder if you read this the way I say it, guess  a vlog may be in my future, although I am way scared of how weird I would look and sound).

Thank you for dropping by today.

And the answer to the question is no, I did not intentionally wear yellow and fabulous necklace in honor or Erin, although I'd like to think I was that clever and organized, but I'm just not. The shirt was a $7.38 super sale find at Target, I'm just obsessed with that place, and the necklace made my outfit look fancier than it was.

Happy Weekend.

Come 5:30 this will be happening.
And maybe a glass of wine, or three.


  1. I love your fabulous necklace, it's so cute. Happy Friday and happy weekend! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thanks :) Francesca's Collections has the cutest stuff!!!


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