Monday, April 30, 2012

Peep Toe Dilemma

I have had these shoes forever and never wear them, because I do not like the way peep toes look on my feet.

I do adore the bow on the toe, LOVE is in the details folks, and the color- black, a classic.

But here is the real kicker- I have owned them for FOUR years and worn them THREE times.  Do I keep them? 

When I do wear them I like them, I just have trouble pairing them with a cute outfit.  Thinkin' they'd be cute with white capris and a red and black Polk-a-dot shirt? 

If only my actual style was as good as the style I have in my head.

Thoughts on these pumps?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Drinks & New Local Eats

My boyfriend is always on the hunt for new restaurants to try, events to attend, or places to visit.  He picked up our local town magazine on Friday while at the store.  This magazine always has new locals eats and treats, plus fun events to check out, so it's right up his ally, if you will.

On Saturday we went to two of the new, magazine recommend restaurants, and both were great.  I focused mainly on the drinks and not the eats, but both were delicious.

First bar I tried this Belgian Beer, because I was just not in the mood for a normal brew.  It comes in multiple flavors, I chose rasberry.  Peach was the other to choose from.  The flavor is very strong (I enjoyed it by it's self), and the bartender recommend I mix it with a simple cider.  It was GREAT both ways- the cider just toned down the flavor a little.

I tried this cocktail during lunch.  It's the weekend, I am allowed, okay.  I was drawn to it for it's different components.  Absolute Peach, ginger beer, simple lime syrup, muddled basil, and blackberries.  Yup, I could drink this one again, and NOT feel guilty about it. 

For dinner we tried another magazine recommended restaurant.  Yes, we did go to two new restaurants in one day.  I wanted to spread them out, but I was quickly reminded, 'why spend time eating s****y food, if there is great food waiting?'.  So to dinner we went.  This place had their name on the tops of their cocktails- Red Rabbits.

My boyfriend got a Jack Daniels, and it had the proper ice cube- one BIG cube, so the melting cube didn't water down the flavor.  Plus points on both accounts.  My cocktail also had egg whites in it, not sure what they do, but it was enjoyable none the less.

Lastly, we ordered these meatball appetizers (we got two orders, we each needed our own).  It was great, because each meatball was a different meat.  Beef (with marainara suace), Chicken (bacon wrapped- middle), and Lamb (on a mint paste).  We both liked the bacon wrapped chicken one the most.  Overall our new restaruant day was a success.

After all this, you bet I am going to be running double time this week.  But really if your area has a magazine, check it out.  It is so fun to get out and try new local eats.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Colorful Combo: LOFT

I used to think that Loft was a store for cute, stylish Moms and/or career women.  But upon recent window shops, and brief store browsing I have come to realize it is a great store that has transition pieces that can be worn to work and in 'regular life'.  

I am sorry I was not able to tell you all about the FABULOUS sale that was happening last week.  Kerry and I happened to be shopping that day, and we scored so major savings.  It ended last Sunday :(.  It was their friends and family sale- 40% off the entire store!!!!

My wardrobe gained a few things, cough, a dress, belt, shirt, and green capris.  I have been working on adding more adult/professional things to my closet, and all of these items fit the bill.

I tried color blocking, well in my own way.  

This shirt was one of my LOFT finds, blue belt (for 'style' only) is from Target (what don't they have there?), Capris (Editor from Express), and added another color with a pink headband and earrings.  I'm not sure I am the best 'color blocker' there is, but I am working on it.

What do you think? How did I do?

P.S. Next time there is a great sale- I will try to catch it early enough to share it with you all :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Letters

This idea is borrowed from my besties blog ....

I am giving it a try. Here goes nothing.

Dear Bestie, I feel like the East Coast stole you from me, even though that it totally not the truth.  During our last phone date I heard your accent, that's all I'm sayin'.  Let's plan a reunion, I'll come to you :).

Dear Go Girl, You and I have not been as close recently.  Since I have been trying to cut caffeine out of my diet.  Today when we reunited it was great.  I forgot how easy it is for your pink carbonation to put a smile on my face.

Dear Mom, Thank you for making me write Thank You cards when I was little. I used to dread it, but your persistence paid off.  I love writing letters (of any kind), snail mail style, which is becoming a lost art.  Also I love getting letters from you in the mail.  I save every single one.

Dear April Showers, Please don't linger into May.  I am ready for weekend BBQs, outside adventures, sun dresses, and sandals. Please do bring May flowers, they make me smile.

Dear Office Desk, Sometimes I wish you would clear yourself off when I am not looking.  I'll try to clear you off today before I leave for the weekend, but make NO promises.  Also can you try to keep all the sticky notes in one place, that would really help me out. Thanks.

Dear Yosemite, I am sorry I did not come visit you last year, I am coming back this summer I promise.  Get ready, I think I might spend the night this time.  Sleepover much?  I'll bring my new back packing gear so you can check it out, it's pretty nice if I do say so myself.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursdays: In or Out

Shuffle Board: In

I know I might be tardy to this party, but yes I JUST discovered shuffle board this week!!!!  Why don't all bars have this game?  It is easily more enjoyable and interactive than  pool Billiards.  And what a simple concept- push a small puck like object to the end of the table without falling off...really how much more creative can you get? I will say, for a newbie I played pretty well, I lost 10-8 to my bf.  If you have not played before, open a new tab and google the bar closest to your current location that has shuffle board and get a pushin'.

Pliny the Elder (beer): Out

Still not sure what it is about this beer that I haven't yet grown to love, but I will keep trying it until I do.  This beer has Tip Top Reviews (see here), and for those of you who have enjoyed this 8% IPA, you are more than likely in love with it.  There are only two restaurants that serve it in our area, other than that I have heard you can pick it up at BevMo.  Today I was reminded that I don't like it when I tried a sip during happy hour.  Call me an amateur beer drinker if you'd like, but I'll take my Blue Moon please.

Weekday Weekends: In

Rarely am I sick, and rarely do I take PTO (other than vacations....Oh Mexico....), but when your Saturdays are work days no weekend is really the same.  So I did a swap out- and made this Thursday my Saturday- a Weekday Weekend.  It was great.  I slept in, ate breakfast in bed, cuddled watched the news, kindeled in bed.  Then I went for a leisurely run, enjoyed some lunch at a new restaurant, played Frisbee in the park, and finished the day off with a girls night out (dinner and movie-see below).   I am certain I couldn't do this every day, but today it felt great.  

The Lucky One: In

I will say I called this one.  I KNEW Zac Efron was going to be smokin' hot and super successful the moment he entered the Disney spotlight with High School Musical.  What pre-teen or teen could resist him in that movie trilogy?  Now that he (and his body) have grown up and matured....DAMN, his acting is great too might I add.  As I would advise with any book turned movie, read the book before you see it (the book will likely take you less than two days).  But seriously GO SEE this movie.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rediscovered: Books on Tape

I don't have the worlds longest commute, but the 20 minutes in the morning and evening does add up through the week.

I got tired of listening to Todays Hits commercials, and had this flashback to the family road trips of my youth and books on tape.

Though many cars don't even have tape players anymore, books on tape have not died. iTunes has a great selection of audiobooks (a bit expensive but totally worth it), and I am currently listening to Fifty Shades of Gray. It's a trilogy that I have heard mentioned many times recently, on the Today's Show, recommended to me by amazon, etc.

It's a trilogy, and from what I have listened to so far it's very interesting and descriptive. Can't say I would listen to it with others in the car- it's a bit of an erotica shall we say.

This makes me feel tricky...I get to 'read' two books at once. One in my car and one on my kindle. Gotta love this.

Do you have a commute?

Download a book, and get a listenin'

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Snap Shot- The Lost Sunday

Sundays are LAZY days full of Laundry, HGTV, movies, kindeling (my word for reading), snacks in bed, and that's about it. Or at least that's what we (my bf and I) believe.

This Sunday was a complete exception. This is how it went.

1. 5.5 mile (post Boot Camp) Run- my muscles cringed with every labored step. But we (my iPod, my muscles, and I) got through it together.

2. Pedicure (and mall) date with Kerry. Check out this pedicure. After all the walking in sandals while in Mexic0 my feet needed a re-haul. This did the trick- the flower was the 'cherry on top'. And it was only $20 bucks. Loving that deal. P.S. Does anyone have cute toes?

3. Mall- I indulged in many things I wanted (but they were all on SALE, so I had too, right?) and these Cross Trainers (in this color) I have been eying for weeks. Maybe they will make boot camp easier this week??? Just maybe???

Also grabbed a few things at LOFT during their friends and family 40% off the entire store. Loved that....more to come later.

4. A unexpected drive to-and-immediatley-back-from-San Francisco. My parents got stuck on a flight home so I was their savior and Airporter. Great waste of 4 hours on a Sunday. But hey, they have done it for me, so I had to do it for them.

So when I got home, I ate (thanks for having dinner ready babe:)) and then fell right asleep at 8:30pm.

I need to condition myself to be more productive on Sundays.

....this could take a while.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Business Casual Work Shorts?

I have been saving these in the depths of my closet until the weather was finally hot enough to wear them.

Well hello 80 degrees, and hello work 'dress' shorts? My question is- DO THEY WORK???

I am always trying to find ways to alter the standard 'business wear'- make it more comfortable, stylish, fun, etc. But I am thinking these might be toeing the line. I found them at TJ Maxx for $15, and they are Banana Republic which gave me the affirmation that yes some serious women wear these, so go ahead, buy 'em. I am just so tired of wearing the standard long skirts or capris to work in the late spring and summer.

They are totally comfortable, still conservative, and Banana Republic soooooo let me know what you think- Okay for work, yes or no?

P.S. Remember all those fabulous Spring accessories I found at forever 21? (See here) Well like I thought when I bought them, the earrings are wayyy more my speed feather- less :)

My beau and I are going out for dinner tonight (insert fancy martini drink/cocktail and excuse to wear my new dress here) to a restaurant we have never been too.

I'm excited.

It's sunny and beautiful here. I hope you all are having a great weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday: IN or OUT

Justin Bieber's New Single Boyfriend- IN

And J. Biebs has done it again (listen here). Another catchy, trendy, beat that will be played out on the radio in the next two weeks. We were listening to it in the car the other day and a friend commented, "About time he does it (a wrap/talking), if you are a product of Usher, you can't just NOT do it." I agree with my friend, and also want to note that Mr. Bieber is growing up, if you were to mirror his career with B. Spears, he's in the 'I'm a Slave for You' Phase...anyone agree?

Starbucks- OUT-

I can't quite remember when it happened, but 'Starbs' raised their prices again, and not it's just too much. A nice $5 gift card buys one drink with 15 cents change left on it. No thanks. These days, as noted here, I am caffine free (for the most part, I have my occasional mid week Go Girl), and the want/need for Starbucks has diminished. Also I just can't believe what they are charging per drink- Dunkin' is WAY better, and WAY cheaper- is it too much to ask for them to be on the West Coast. But all things being fair, we have In 'n Out so I guess I can't complain.

White Jeans- IN-

I am wearing some today :) Thank you Express for making a jean that I now own in 4 colors (remember this post, same jean, shhh, don't tell). I was skeptical at first, because I have been married to my black slimming skinnies for a long time, what would white do for my legs? I always wondered. I bought these and love 'em. I usually wear them like I did today, with a wedge. Cute, trendy, fun and very Spring and Summer (and with temps of 78 I feel like they are a-okay). Note- There are no front pockets, which always gets me when I put these on, but it's so you don't see the pocket liner through the pants. When you wear 'em just BE SURE you're wearing a good pair of undies. VPL is a major issue if you are not careful.

Angelia, Brad's Fiance- OUT-

I've never liked her (who would date and self inscribe Billy Bob Thornton name on themselves), I don't think she is all that talented, and she does not have the world's best lips. Okay enough soap box. BUT Let's be honest this is all so cliche- fell in love on set, adopted kids, and have a charming mixed super star family.... That's enough about them- I'm over Brangelina.

Crop Shirts- OUT-

I try to be stylish, but this one I can NOT stand behind. I just get confused, do I wear a shirt under, or not? Why do cropped long sleeves exist? Also for people, like myself, who have bodies that are ill proportioned (insert obnoxiously long torso here please) crop shirts leave you looking confused. A shirt that only covers your boobs with a shirt under????? Yeah I can't even write about them- this is how much they confuse me.

What are you IN or OUT on?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Digital Coupons: Less Cutting, More Saving???

A recent discovery (thank you to my boyfriend's sister) is Safeway digital coupons.

I am sure you all have 'em- the infamous Club Cards. I will say at the end of the shopping trip, I love to see how much I have 'saved'. Last week my total went from $134 to $91...Wahoo!!!!

BUT a whole new way to save is with Safeway Just For You Coupon Center -Digital Coupons. It has different items every week that you can digitally link to your Club Card.

It's simple you click the items you would like to save m$ney on, and when you buy them they are automatically applied at check out.

You can then print or email yourself the list of what items you 'clicked to save' so you know which brand of pasta, eggs, butter, or (tampons) to buy when you're at the store.

Give it a try. I am not one for clipping coupons, but cut less saving is totally my style.

My next 18 count of eggs is free!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Parking and Passing Notes

I'm really not one for cheating the system. I am a self proclaimed 'rule follower', well kind of sort or. The other day, however I found myself in a bind.


Quarter less.

On one of those iforgotmywallet(akamylife) sort of days.

Here was my internal monologue:

"I'm just meeting a friend, it won't be long."

"No, but you'll be so mad at yourself if you get a parking ticket."

"The longer you sit here and debate, the more time you are wasting."

THAT'S WHEN IT HIT ME: A stroke of genius (and trust me these are few and far between for me), I'd write the parking attendant a note. As per usual my car has miscellaneous things in the center counsel including, but not limited to: chap stick, an old picture of my brother and I, a work name tag, receipts, paper scraps, and a pen.

This is what I wrote, and it worked. Returned to a ticket-less car.

Now I am thinking of saving this for any days like this that might hit me in the future...

Is this a totally terrible thing to do?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Read Up- History Much??

On vacation I was on a reading streak, and found some good gems that I wanted to share with you all.

I usually try to read every other, and by that I mean love romance (insert Nicholas Sparks 'novel' here), more serious piece of literature, love romance, 'serious' literature, etc. This does not always work out the way I would like, but none the less.

Sarah's Key was given to me over a year ago by a co-worker. I have been busy with other good reads and never got around to it. After my best friend, mom, and Grandma all sped through it, and recommended it, I opened it up. Less than 24 hours later- DONE.

I loved the helix of history and present time. The ending, which I will not ruin for those currently reading it, took me by surprise. It was one of those that felt almost incomplete, but it left the book lingering in my head, which in my opinion is great.

Escape From the Deep is another book I devoured on vacation. This book was recommend to me by my brother, and Dad, whom I rarely share books with. They seem to love all the geek out history books that can never hold my attention. This book, however consumes you as a reader with descriptions and experiences that are unfathomable.

Although this is a isolated snap shot of a greater piece of history, it was great. For any of you are like me, and have trouble appreciating historical non-fictions, you'll like this one.

Kershaw has others out as well, it might be the next on my to read list, although I've heard Killing Lincoln is great too. I'm adding it to my list of 'to reads' two close friends say it's great.

Have you read any good books recently?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Snap Shot- Vacation Edition

When I travel, I am busy going from sight to sight- leaving little time to relax and really take a deep breathe. Encouraged by my great boyfriend- we went on what he likes to call a 'REAL' vacation (as if my others were 'fake') to Zihuatanejo, as noted in my last post.

I am not going to say best vacation ever, because every vacation I have had is the best vacation ever. I will say we had a BEAUTIFUL week.


Delicious Food:



Great Views:

If you get a chance check this place out, you will not regret it.
Just let me know if you need pointers on places to go :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh Mexico...

I am off to Zihautanejo, Mexcio tomorrow....

I'll be there for a week.

It should be great.

The only reason you might have heard of this place is, if you have seen Shawshank Redemption.

I will let you know how it is when I get back.

See you in a week :)

Sunday Snap Shot- Easter Edition

Happy Easter!!! I hope you all had a great day. Here are some festive eggs I found at Target that I COULD NOT RESIST!!! Sparkly, Polk-a-Dot, and Jewel color Easter eggs- YES PLEASE!!! Target does every Holiday well, and make their Holiday accessories hard to leave the store without.

Here are some more snap shots from Easter. Some Apple Pies I made from Pintrest. I used this recipe, and here is how they came out. The got rave reviews from our crowd of 32, so I would say at least four of five stars!!!

Lastly, here is a snap shot of the table. It is true, I am convinced that no event or Holiday I ever host in my lifetime will be as detailed and complete as the ones I get to attend, BUT I will continue to take notes. Notes that are important thus far LOVE (and perfection) is in the DETAILS, and no detail is too small.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shoe Saturdays: Toms edition

Toms Shoes:

When they first came out, I was not a fan. I thought they looked like silly gauze wrapped shoes. But once again, I fell weak to Nordstrom and bought my first pair about a year after they hit the market.

I found these a couple months later (Feb 2011), but couldn't find them anywhere. They are a 'Winter Edition Only', and I was too late.

I was NOT going to miss them this year so September 2011, when the winter edition came along I jumped right on it!

Thanks TOMS for a really comfortable leopard lace-less shoe, socially appropriate shoe that I can wash in the washer. Subtle but leopard none the less.

If you don't own a pair, buy a pair. There is always a $5 off coupon available online if you google it. I am three pairs deep, and love every pair!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday: IN or OUT

Recently my co-worker introduced me to this game.

In OR Out.

It's really very simple, you name someone, something, somewhere, and ask, "Are you In or Out."
It took me a while to wrap my head around this game, but it is JUST as SIMPLE as it sounds.
So I am going to play with you guys.

Ryan Seacrest: IN- I saw him on the Today Show on Tuesday, and he really impressed me. I have never been opposed to him. And seeing as how he is single handily taking over reality TV, I figure I better get board.

Floral Blazers: OUT- These are apparently 'all the go' now, and I DO NOT like them at all. I love floral cardigans, but cannot get into the blazer idea. I feel like for blazers a plain color or pin stripe is where they should max out. Wear something bright or floral underneath for added color or pop, but lets NOT put huge ugly flowers on a jacket. It reminds me of old drapes from Grandma's house.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling: OUT- It's hard to keep up with celebrity gossip, are they dating, aren't they dating, on, off, on off. WHATEVER- I don't like the idea of these two being together at all. It actually rather upsets me. End of story here. Why can't Ryan date someone better or, in my opinion more deserving, like Rachel McAdams. I know they dated for a while, and moved on, but The Notebook was so great. I guess I'll just keep on hoping.

Spring Cleaning: IN- I am not one to keep much clutter or junk around, but admittedly NOT MUCH in my life is incredibly organized. There are some exceptions the this rule (my work binders, my health care receipts, reports, and taxes, etc.) But everyday things, namely the middle drawer of my desk, my car, and my dresser, are in terrible shape. So this week I (with the unfaltering help of my boyfriend) cleaned out my new (new-used) car. We got organizing bins and bungees for the back, and boom Target got me for another $100, but it felt great. I plan on keeping it this way.

Who or What are you IN or OUT on?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday: Yea or Nea?

Are jean jackets still in?

I went online to see if they were even sold anymore. Answer: Yes. I also saw some on an manikin at Nordstrom today which boosted my confidence as I strolled by wearing mine :)

I do not, however see them worn very often and I get worried I am dating myself by wearing one. Especially because this little gem was found at the GAP on clearance for $19.99, years (multiple) ago.

Do you own a jean jacket? What do you wear it with? Is it still fashionable?

I am curious.

Help me out!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

F21 Spring Accessories :)

I started wearing dangles September 2011, and now I can't stop, won't stop.
Love 'em. Accessories make me (and an outfit) more complete.

Here are some staple Forever21 pieces I found for the spring season.

The teal necklace can be dressed up and down (my favorite is to wear with a simple black shirt/dress or a salmon/coral color). Here is another option I considered.

The set of rings can be worn together in bulk, or on separate fingers for added flare.

The other pieces are simple, but can be used to add some nice color to outfit. Not sure how I feel about the feathers on the earrings, I may end up cutting them off and wearing them as short dangles.

Best part about F21, not one piece was above $8.

Bang for your Buck- and look great. Yes Please.

Thinking the teal necklace for Easter....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shoe Saturdays (The Sunday Edition): Volume 2

I have a affinity towards all shoes Jessica Simpson. I am going on my tenth pair, and love most all her fits and styles. I try to stay away from her SUPER heels, because I am already 5'9" with 5" extra inches, I'd be the height of an average NBA player- NOT my thang.

At TJ Maxx, my new found mother ship (who can resist a glorified Marhalls, really?) I found about three pairs a J. Simps I wanted, but only this paired crossed into the NEED category. Because, lets be honest here, what girl doesn't need snake skin wedges?

I have worn them for a couple weeks and have worn them twice (once with a dress, and once with black skinnies). Both times I received unsolicited compliments- a great find for $30 bucks off the "suggested retail" price.

If you haven't checked out TJ Maxx or Jessica Simpson shoes, please do.

P.S. Hasn't she been pregnant forever?