Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shoe Saturdays: Toms edition

Toms Shoes:

When they first came out, I was not a fan. I thought they looked like silly gauze wrapped shoes. But once again, I fell weak to Nordstrom and bought my first pair about a year after they hit the market.

I found these a couple months later (Feb 2011), but couldn't find them anywhere. They are a 'Winter Edition Only', and I was too late.

I was NOT going to miss them this year so September 2011, when the winter edition came along I jumped right on it!

Thanks TOMS for a really comfortable leopard lace-less shoe, socially appropriate shoe that I can wash in the washer. Subtle but leopard none the less.

If you don't own a pair, buy a pair. There is always a $5 off coupon available online if you google it. I am three pairs deep, and love every pair!!!

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