Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Parking and Passing Notes

I'm really not one for cheating the system. I am a self proclaimed 'rule follower', well kind of sort or. The other day, however I found myself in a bind.


Quarter less.

On one of those iforgotmywallet(akamylife) sort of days.

Here was my internal monologue:

"I'm just meeting a friend, it won't be long."

"No, but you'll be so mad at yourself if you get a parking ticket."

"The longer you sit here and debate, the more time you are wasting."

THAT'S WHEN IT HIT ME: A stroke of genius (and trust me these are few and far between for me), I'd write the parking attendant a note. As per usual my car has miscellaneous things in the center counsel including, but not limited to: chap stick, an old picture of my brother and I, a work name tag, receipts, paper scraps, and a pen.

This is what I wrote, and it worked. Returned to a ticket-less car.

Now I am thinking of saving this for any days like this that might hit me in the future...

Is this a totally terrible thing to do?

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