Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Letters

This idea is borrowed from my besties blog ....

I am giving it a try. Here goes nothing.

Dear Bestie, I feel like the East Coast stole you from me, even though that it totally not the truth.  During our last phone date I heard your accent, that's all I'm sayin'.  Let's plan a reunion, I'll come to you :).

Dear Go Girl, You and I have not been as close recently.  Since I have been trying to cut caffeine out of my diet.  Today when we reunited it was great.  I forgot how easy it is for your pink carbonation to put a smile on my face.

Dear Mom, Thank you for making me write Thank You cards when I was little. I used to dread it, but your persistence paid off.  I love writing letters (of any kind), snail mail style, which is becoming a lost art.  Also I love getting letters from you in the mail.  I save every single one.

Dear April Showers, Please don't linger into May.  I am ready for weekend BBQs, outside adventures, sun dresses, and sandals. Please do bring May flowers, they make me smile.

Dear Office Desk, Sometimes I wish you would clear yourself off when I am not looking.  I'll try to clear you off today before I leave for the weekend, but make NO promises.  Also can you try to keep all the sticky notes in one place, that would really help me out. Thanks.

Dear Yosemite, I am sorry I did not come visit you last year, I am coming back this summer I promise.  Get ready, I think I might spend the night this time.  Sleepover much?  I'll bring my new back packing gear so you can check it out, it's pretty nice if I do say so myself.



  1. Aww I miss you! I know the accent comes out a little bit on certain words. It's hard to help when you're immersed in it! I should come to California. I really should. Is it pathetic that I'm still scared to fly? I need to get over it. Otherwise we really should meet somewhere awesome. We need to get on our game and PLAN! Also, thank you notes should never go away. Real, written notes. I don't care how much technology we create. Old-fashioned notes make everyones day and are just more polite.

    1. Plan it is. Also hope you have a great date night. Tell me how the movie is. Clearly you read- Saw The Lucky One last night....WOW are my only words.


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