Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday: IN or OUT

Justin Bieber's New Single Boyfriend- IN

And J. Biebs has done it again (listen here). Another catchy, trendy, beat that will be played out on the radio in the next two weeks. We were listening to it in the car the other day and a friend commented, "About time he does it (a wrap/talking), if you are a product of Usher, you can't just NOT do it." I agree with my friend, and also want to note that Mr. Bieber is growing up, if you were to mirror his career with B. Spears, he's in the 'I'm a Slave for You' Phase...anyone agree?

Starbucks- OUT-

I can't quite remember when it happened, but 'Starbs' raised their prices again, and not it's just too much. A nice $5 gift card buys one drink with 15 cents change left on it. No thanks. These days, as noted here, I am caffine free (for the most part, I have my occasional mid week Go Girl), and the want/need for Starbucks has diminished. Also I just can't believe what they are charging per drink- Dunkin' is WAY better, and WAY cheaper- is it too much to ask for them to be on the West Coast. But all things being fair, we have In 'n Out so I guess I can't complain.

White Jeans- IN-

I am wearing some today :) Thank you Express for making a jean that I now own in 4 colors (remember this post, same jean, shhh, don't tell). I was skeptical at first, because I have been married to my black slimming skinnies for a long time, what would white do for my legs? I always wondered. I bought these and love 'em. I usually wear them like I did today, with a wedge. Cute, trendy, fun and very Spring and Summer (and with temps of 78 I feel like they are a-okay). Note- There are no front pockets, which always gets me when I put these on, but it's so you don't see the pocket liner through the pants. When you wear 'em just BE SURE you're wearing a good pair of undies. VPL is a major issue if you are not careful.

Angelia, Brad's Fiance- OUT-

I've never liked her (who would date and self inscribe Billy Bob Thornton name on themselves), I don't think she is all that talented, and she does not have the world's best lips. Okay enough soap box. BUT Let's be honest this is all so cliche- fell in love on set, adopted kids, and have a charming mixed super star family.... That's enough about them- I'm over Brangelina.

Crop Shirts- OUT-

I try to be stylish, but this one I can NOT stand behind. I just get confused, do I wear a shirt under, or not? Why do cropped long sleeves exist? Also for people, like myself, who have bodies that are ill proportioned (insert obnoxiously long torso here please) crop shirts leave you looking confused. A shirt that only covers your boobs with a shirt under????? Yeah I can't even write about them- this is how much they confuse me.

What are you IN or OUT on?

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  1. I LOVE Justin Bieber. I can't help it. And "boyfriend" is so good. He is the next Justin Timberlake. Also I have to get my hands on a pair of white jeans. I'll be hitting up express soon.


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