Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Colorful Combo: LOFT

I used to think that Loft was a store for cute, stylish Moms and/or career women.  But upon recent window shops, and brief store browsing I have come to realize it is a great store that has transition pieces that can be worn to work and in 'regular life'.  

I am sorry I was not able to tell you all about the FABULOUS sale that was happening last week.  Kerry and I happened to be shopping that day, and we scored so major savings.  It ended last Sunday :(.  It was their friends and family sale- 40% off the entire store!!!!

My wardrobe gained a few things, cough, a dress, belt, shirt, and green capris.  I have been working on adding more adult/professional things to my closet, and all of these items fit the bill.

I tried color blocking, well in my own way.  

This shirt was one of my LOFT finds, blue belt (for 'style' only) is from Target (what don't they have there?), Capris (Editor from Express), and added another color with a pink headband and earrings.  I'm not sure I am the best 'color blocker' there is, but I am working on it.

What do you think? How did I do?

P.S. Next time there is a great sale- I will try to catch it early enough to share it with you all :)


  1. Loft always has such great deals! I adore the top on you - it's a beautiful color!

    Enter to win a pair of Fantas-Eyes sunglasses!

    1. They do have great deals, LOVED the 40% off. And thanks- it's a new color for my wardrobe. Can't wear it all too often, but great none the less.

  2. I love LOFT. I can't even describe my love, it's so strong. It does a great job of being the younger, trendy sister of Anne Taylor (which I also love but in a more adult, working professional way). This also might sound crazy but almost everything I own thats from LOFT is actually from thrift stores or Goodwill in nicer areas. Any place that there are a lot of young, trendy moms. Also, I love the combo above! Great picture of you.


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