Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursdays: In or Out

Shuffle Board: In

I know I might be tardy to this party, but yes I JUST discovered shuffle board this week!!!!  Why don't all bars have this game?  It is easily more enjoyable and interactive than  pool Billiards.  And what a simple concept- push a small puck like object to the end of the table without falling off...really how much more creative can you get? I will say, for a newbie I played pretty well, I lost 10-8 to my bf.  If you have not played before, open a new tab and google the bar closest to your current location that has shuffle board and get a pushin'.

Pliny the Elder (beer): Out

Still not sure what it is about this beer that I haven't yet grown to love, but I will keep trying it until I do.  This beer has Tip Top Reviews (see here), and for those of you who have enjoyed this 8% IPA, you are more than likely in love with it.  There are only two restaurants that serve it in our area, other than that I have heard you can pick it up at BevMo.  Today I was reminded that I don't like it when I tried a sip during happy hour.  Call me an amateur beer drinker if you'd like, but I'll take my Blue Moon please.

Weekday Weekends: In

Rarely am I sick, and rarely do I take PTO (other than vacations....Oh Mexico....), but when your Saturdays are work days no weekend is really the same.  So I did a swap out- and made this Thursday my Saturday- a Weekday Weekend.  It was great.  I slept in, ate breakfast in bed, cuddled watched the news, kindeled in bed.  Then I went for a leisurely run, enjoyed some lunch at a new restaurant, played Frisbee in the park, and finished the day off with a girls night out (dinner and movie-see below).   I am certain I couldn't do this every day, but today it felt great.  

The Lucky One: In

I will say I called this one.  I KNEW Zac Efron was going to be smokin' hot and super successful the moment he entered the Disney spotlight with High School Musical.  What pre-teen or teen could resist him in that movie trilogy?  Now that he (and his body) have grown up and matured....DAMN, his acting is great too might I add.  As I would advise with any book turned movie, read the book before you see it (the book will likely take you less than two days).  But seriously GO SEE this movie.

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