Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday: Yea or Nea?

Are jean jackets still in?

I went online to see if they were even sold anymore. Answer: Yes. I also saw some on an manikin at Nordstrom today which boosted my confidence as I strolled by wearing mine :)

I do not, however see them worn very often and I get worried I am dating myself by wearing one. Especially because this little gem was found at the GAP on clearance for $19.99, years (multiple) ago.

Do you own a jean jacket? What do you wear it with? Is it still fashionable?

I am curious.

Help me out!!!!

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  1. I totally still wear my jean jacket! It's from American Eagle circa umm 2003? My favorite combo is a tight t-shirt in a bright color, a maxi skirt (mine is plain black jersey), and the jean jacket. I saw a picture of Blake Lively wearing that combo and I've loved it ever since. I really like what you did with it above too. So cute!


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