Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday: IN or OUT

Recently my co-worker introduced me to this game.

In OR Out.

It's really very simple, you name someone, something, somewhere, and ask, "Are you In or Out."
It took me a while to wrap my head around this game, but it is JUST as SIMPLE as it sounds.
So I am going to play with you guys.

Ryan Seacrest: IN- I saw him on the Today Show on Tuesday, and he really impressed me. I have never been opposed to him. And seeing as how he is single handily taking over reality TV, I figure I better get board.

Floral Blazers: OUT- These are apparently 'all the go' now, and I DO NOT like them at all. I love floral cardigans, but cannot get into the blazer idea. I feel like for blazers a plain color or pin stripe is where they should max out. Wear something bright or floral underneath for added color or pop, but lets NOT put huge ugly flowers on a jacket. It reminds me of old drapes from Grandma's house.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling: OUT- It's hard to keep up with celebrity gossip, are they dating, aren't they dating, on, off, on off. WHATEVER- I don't like the idea of these two being together at all. It actually rather upsets me. End of story here. Why can't Ryan date someone better or, in my opinion more deserving, like Rachel McAdams. I know they dated for a while, and moved on, but The Notebook was so great. I guess I'll just keep on hoping.

Spring Cleaning: IN- I am not one to keep much clutter or junk around, but admittedly NOT MUCH in my life is incredibly organized. There are some exceptions the this rule (my work binders, my health care receipts, reports, and taxes, etc.) But everyday things, namely the middle drawer of my desk, my car, and my dresser, are in terrible shape. So this week I (with the unfaltering help of my boyfriend) cleaned out my new (new-used) car. We got organizing bins and bungees for the back, and boom Target got me for another $100, but it felt great. I plan on keeping it this way.

Who or What are you IN or OUT on?

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