Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shoe Saturdays (The Sunday Edition): Volume 2

I have a affinity towards all shoes Jessica Simpson. I am going on my tenth pair, and love most all her fits and styles. I try to stay away from her SUPER heels, because I am already 5'9" with 5" extra inches, I'd be the height of an average NBA player- NOT my thang.

At TJ Maxx, my new found mother ship (who can resist a glorified Marhalls, really?) I found about three pairs a J. Simps I wanted, but only this paired crossed into the NEED category. Because, lets be honest here, what girl doesn't need snake skin wedges?

I have worn them for a couple weeks and have worn them twice (once with a dress, and once with black skinnies). Both times I received unsolicited compliments- a great find for $30 bucks off the "suggested retail" price.

If you haven't checked out TJ Maxx or Jessica Simpson shoes, please do.

P.S. Hasn't she been pregnant forever?

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