Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Early Bird Workout Secrets

Having trouble getting up for a EARLY BIRD work out?

I did too, until I discovered a couple tricks, after many years of (repeated) failed attempts.
Here are some things that helped me, hope they help you too!

1. Plan your early bird work out WITH A FRIEND.
By making a commitment to someone other than yourself, you feel more invested. When you fail to get up for a work out you have planned with some one, you have now let down TWO people, not just yourself. Besides lets face it, if it's just you the snooze button will get more of a work out than you will.

2. MAKE A SCHEDULE. It's easier to make something a habit if you do it the same day AND time every week. It is hard to do, but TRUST me- totally worth it.

3. TAKE A CLASS. Again it all goes back to commitment. By taking a class you feel a greater investment (literally $) in your sun rise work out. A class is a way to ensure that you get the work out you want and deserve for getting up early. It's easy to have a easy workout without someone there to push you.

4. Ensure your work out is ATTAINABLE. It is unreasonable to think that after a night out, or late evening that an early morning work out is ACTUALLY going to happen.

5. Have REALISTIC Goals. You are probably not going to work out EVERY morning before work, but TWO to THREE times a week.


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  1. I've actually been trying to work out in the morning too. Since I don't work until 9, there is plenty of time in the morning. I do think it is easier than trying to convince myself to go later. I just get it over with early in the day. I'd totally agree with what you said about making it a habit. And if I go 4 week days, I don't feel bad about not going at all on weekends ;-)


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