Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goodbye Green Monster

I sold my college car yesterday, and am a bit nostalgic.

That car was:

Summer Weekends in Tahoe
Weekend trips to Target
Three Parking Tickets
Taxi rides to the airport during Thanksgiving and Christmas break
A extension of my wardrobe
Powder ski days with friends and family
A temporary shoe closet during moves
Country concert carpools
Two speeding tickets :(
Day trips to San Francisco
A UC Davis Mascot (please see back sticker)
and many more

Goodbye Green Monster. You did me well!!!

Think of how many memories you've had in your car...
Name a favorite.

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  1. Aw this makes me a little sad/nostalgic too. It was such a good car. We had a lot of good memories in this one AND the old Acura before it. Also, kudos to you for only getting 3 parking tickets. In Davis, that's quite an accomplishment.


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