Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Snowy Weekend

This winter has been unusually dry, and thus not good for my love for skiing.
Our snow levels are far below normal, which has impacted the number of days I have had on the slopes.

I'm a short two hour drive from Tahoe, and find it easy to slip away from my busy weeks into a heaven of snow, skiing, hot chocolate (you all know I how much I love my hot chocolate), mountain brews, games, and cozy fires with friends and family.

This weekend was our first (and hopefully not our last) big storm for the winter, and despite the fact that two weekends ago our weather in the Valley teased with 70+ degree weather, this week our weather turned to winter wonderland.

We drove up in the storm on Friday and arrived to four feet of snow in the drive way and large flakes dusting the snow banks with more depth. We woke up to snow covered branches, sunshine, and a blue sky.

So I dawned my trusty thermals to hit the slopes. I used my new goggles (Thanks Mom and Dad for a great birthday present), my trusty yellow Rossi's, and green jacket for an awesome St. Patrick's day.

Shin deep powder and I am one happy girl. I had the perfect day.

I am convinced that the best therapy is exercise, plus when you enjoy the exercise, it doesn't even feel like a chore.

My advice to you- find a physical activity you love, so you can double dip and have fun while you work out!

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