Friday, March 23, 2012

Read Up Folks

I have always been a avid reader, and spent all lunch periods in fourth grade at the library. College ruined that. Post college reading, however, became so much more enjoyable. No more 200+ pages per night on Communication Theory or Political Science, more late nights getting to know characters, authors, and stories that I actually enjoy.

I am, admittedly, a Serious Nicholas Sparks fan, and may or may not have spent many nights falling asleep to The Notebook, but between my cliche romance reads I do try to squeeze in some more serious reads.

Beautiful Boy is one Amazon recommend for me, and if you have talked to me even for a second about reading, I have probably recommended it to you. It is by far my favorite in a long while. AND even better news, it is a quasi trilogy. His son has now written two books that are equally as good.

The son's newest "They All Fall Down" is not out in stores until April 10th, but is available for all us Kindle users :)

Check 'em ALL out.

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