Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Warm Welcome

I am giving you all a warm welcome to my blog with a cup of hot cocoa. This cup is from a coffee shop in Portland, and although it was no better than the your average hot chocolate, the presentation made me feel extraly special.

It's easy for any day to be a great day when it starts with a cup of hot chocolate.
A couple of months ago (around the time I joined Weight Watchers) I gave up my bi or tri weekly Starbucks habit (that I was in denial of), and started drinking Kuerig hot cocoa as my morning indulgence. I sit on the floor indian style, do my make up, and sip my heated 'cup of joe'. And smile.

I'm saving mone$ by not going to Starbucks, and I actually feel more energized and awake without the coffee. Since I have been caffeine free, I have been able to get up and run before work regularly with out snoozing my alarm and putting it off 'til after work, I go to bed at a more reasonable hour (and sleep soundly), and I have $15 extra bucks in my pocket each week.

Try cutting caffeine out of your week (or try to cut back),and let me know how you feel. You might find it hard in the beginning, as I did, but in just 30 days you too could make it a habit.

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  1. You are seriously amazing. I love the changes you make to your life - nothing too crazy, just enough that it makes a positive difference over a period of time.

    You definitely inspire me :)


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