Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shoe Saturdays: Volume 1 - Crosstrainers

I am what I would like to call a recreational runner. I find it's a great way to let out some stress and sweat, although I totally understand people who find running pointless, and boring. I GET IT, running IS NOT for everyone.

That being said, I too have been trying to branch out and broaden my work out horizons through Cross training. Engaging the good old tactic of 'Body Confusion' to maintain my fitness.

I have been looking for a good Cross training shoe, and have read many reviews on different brands, etc.

These Nikes (available here with free shipping for $5 bucks less than Zappos) have received great reviews online and in this month's Shape magazine.

I haven't rocked Nikes in years, but figure I might give them a go.

Added bonus: They come in great COLOR combinations

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