Monday, December 3, 2012

What I Wore: Fancy Shoes Edition

So I had to stop at Target the other day, and I just walked by the shoe section.
I didn't even walk through the shoe aisles.

But low and behold, at the end, staring me in the face, I saw these little friends.

And knew I had to have them.

I paired them with something simple.
Because they have so much personality themselves.
They'd be great with anything though.
Next vision for these: skinny jeans.

I am well aware that there are million DIY for these types of shoes.
But for $32 it just seemed all to convenient.
And I don't currently have an old pair of heels that needed re vamping.
When I do have  a pair, I'll do a fun DIY version.

Hope you all have a great day!!!!

I'll have more about the Happiest Place on Earth tomorrow!!!
We had a blast!!!


  1. I would have bought them too at that price! Super cute outfit.

  2. I have been contemplating these! They are so perfect for the holidays!

    1. No more contemplating.
      Its a go buy moment!!!


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