Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Wednesday

First off Tosh.0 season final was awesome.
For all you non-believers, watch this episode.
It might change your mind.

Secondly, you know when you put on an outfit, think it's cute, and then realize it's not cute at all.
Oh wait that doesn't happen to you??
So I guess I am just that special, because it happened to me yesterday.

Thirdly this weekend I have one mission.
Finish Christmas shopping.'s only 20 days away!!!
This shouldn't be too hard, I only have 5 more people to buy for.

Also in the weekends of busy schedules and craziness, Christmas and New Years are perfect.
Anyone realize how they fall on the calendar??
Hello perfection.
 I am really looking forward to two four day weekends in a row.
Nice to meet you.

Also my family friends are in town from New Zealand.
Gosh I love them, and their kiwi accents.
So fun to meet up with friends from around the world.


  1. Haha, that happens to me all the time, but I think your outfit kind of works! So exciting to have friends from far away visiting, as long as they aren't staying with you for too long!

    1. Thanks :) I don't think it's too Winter- maybe more spring. oopsies :) THanks for stopping by

  2. What are you talking about? That outfit is cute! I'm a big fan of the shirt :)

    1. It's a super cute shirt. And I am wearing your pants again today!!! Love 'em

  3. i have not even started christmas shopping!!!! yikes.

    1. Right???
      Lets get on it girl...we've got 20 days!!

  4. I do not see what you are talking about, your outfit is cute :)
    Yikes... xmas shopping! I'm not done either.. sigh


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