Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Letters

 For your viewing pleasure, and action Christmas picture.

First, if you're thinking gosh that's a dumb picture, you're totally right.
Second if you think the pillow on the couch are fugly, you're totally right again.
It's a work in progress okay. New couch is 2013 purchase.
 I got him the smoker he had been wanting,
and no I am not competing for girlfriend of the year award.
Somehow I have a feeling that all meats I consume in 2013
will be smoked in some way, shape, or form.

Dear NYE,
Two four day weekends in a row.

Dear New Tires,
The money I spent on you would look a lot better hanging in my savings account, hanging in my closet, or on my feet. But hey, gotta be safe right??

Dear Christmas,
Wow. You're gone.

Dear Kindle,
Three books waiting, and a weekend at the cabin.

Dear Dinner with JQ,
So great to see you. It's been WAYYYY too long!!!
Let's do this more often.
Or lets plan a trip.
Now that I think about it.
planning a trip is the only option.

Dear Zoey+Snow,
Cutest thing ever.
Video coming soon

Dear House,
You're finally coming together.
 Looking more finished.
I love this.

Dear Nadine,
I'm sending all my good vibes to you, Nav, and Archie man.
You need them.

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