Sunday, December 23, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year at this time I was heading to my boyfriend's family home for Christmas day celebrations.
We were serious then, but it still marked the first major Holiday we spent together.
Halloween and Thanksgiving we spent apart, due to the fact that we both had already made plans with family, etc.

I went over, with a gift for his family (thanks again Mom for making this happen) in hand.
Mom gave me homemade jams and jellies, yeah she rocks!!

Here we are almost 365 days later (This is my Mom and her two sisters, at our surprise Christmas yesterday) and it's funny to look back on that day.
In my head sometimes I watch it like a fly on the wall, and it makes me laugh.

Insert oh what a difference a year makes.

Between our trip to Mexico, weekends at the cabin, his sisters Bachelorette party and wedding, and dinners with the fam, there has been a lot of 'together time'. 

 I chuckle when I look back in awe of just how many memories, 
and how much growth one year can hold.
Simply Amazing.

This year they'll be no more proper sitting on the bar stool politely introducing myself to neighbors and friends, telling them who I am and what I do. 
There will be reflecting on the past year and remembering how many fun and foolish things we've done, and how much we've enjoyed spending time with each other.

This year there is simply more to celebrate, more to be thankful for, 
and more memories to look forward to.
Is this how it happens when you get older??
If so, I'll take it.

P.S. Do me a small favor, think about where you were,
 and what you were doing a year ago...isn't that just amazing???

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