Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I Wore: Boys Shirt Edition Part 2

Remember WAYYY back WHEN I decided I challenged myself to style 
my boyfriend's shirt in a cute way??? 

Well, it took me a couple months, but as promised I am continuing my challenge.
 The CHALLENGE: to style a men's shirt in a cute/feminine way.
Here is the look I came up with for winter.
The classic layering look.
And let's be honest stripes and a Bauble make any outfit look 3,907x more polished.
Here you have it folks- my man look turned girly.
And again the bun, I am getting the hang of it, FINALLY.

It was SOOO comfortable.
And I got lots of compliments on it too!!!

This is how I wore it last time
My boyfriend's shirt with a Maxi

Give it a try.
Wear a men's shirt in a girly way, and send your link my way so I can check it out, and get inspired.

13 days 'til Christmas
Can't even believe this.


  1. Great job! It's an adorable outfit
    I wish my hair were long enough to do a bun :(

    1. It might be!!! I thought mine was too short, but it works!!

  2. This makes me really feel like my life is missing a bauble necklace. Hmmmm perhaps an investment is coming soon, although I'm super late on that train. Miss you!

    1. You totally need one!!! It's so much fun, and not too expensive on amazon or ebay!

  3. Love this outfit- I would never have thought of it, but you totally make it work! Nicely done!

    Following you from Lauren and Lauren's recommendation - don't disappoint me! ;) haha jk, just follow me back and we'll be friends.
    PS: We do pray for snow around here- we're in Utah, where are yoU??


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