Monday, December 10, 2012

A Big Kids Chore Perspective

When were are little you have 'chores'.
You know, those things that your parents asked you made you do to help around the house.
The work you did to earn your $4/week allowance.
A small token of appreciation for the work I did. Granted half the stuff I did probably had to be redone by my Mom, because let's be honest- How great of a mopper can a ten year old really be???
You get the picture.

I had chores through my graduation day. Yup, you know you're the cool kid on the block when you are mowing your lawn (and the neighbors) at seventeen.
But chores were always a part of my life.

Anyways when you go to college you have more chores.
Laundry that you have to do, fold, and put away.
Room you have to clean and vacuum.
Dishwasher you have to load and put away.
I mean seriously, this is ridiculous.

Then you graduate college.
Life continues.
And hey, surprise, what do you know???
Boom more chores.

When you're a grown up (cough, I am trying, cough)
You do SOOOO many chores.
But adults like to be fancy and use words like 'housework' or 'pick up the house' or 'house work'.
This reads sweep, mop, do/fold/put away laundry, dust, vacuum, pick up the yard, mow the lawn, grocery shop, put groceries away, and the list goes on.

Adults just have glorified names for things.
Let's be honest folks, they're still not enjoyable, and you don't get paid for them.
So really chores just get worse as you grow up.
Whey don't they ever tell us these things when we're young?

Anyways after sweeping, mopping, steam mopping, cleaning toilets, doing laundry, and dishes this is what came to my mind for today's post.

But I'll leave you with this little gem.
Isn't she adorable??

She makes me fall in love with her all over again every single day.
Even if half my chores are related to her (read floors covered in hair).

Happy Monday!


  1. Steam mopping??? That sounds intense yet amazing!

    1. Oh my goodness. Get one - it will change your life!!

  2. I love that you decorated her in lights!!!

    1. Her eyes are saying, "Mom this is too much, please stop." Totally worth it!

  3. chores are no fun! especially with a dog and you have to sweep over and over again! but luckily they are cute!

    1. Right? It's as if you never swept in the first place

  4. I think someone's been sipping on some wine while writing this blog entry..."mow the garage" "Whey don't they ever..." "use words like 'housework' or 'pick up the house' or 'house work'." Too funny ;)


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