Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weight Watchers: Before and After

So this one time, a year and half ago, my then roommate asked me to do Weight Watchers.
I thought to myself, "Why would a 23 year old do on Weight Watchers,
 I don't have any weight to loose..."
Or so I thought.

Remember some college stories from this post??
It's amazing what four years of partying college will do to you.
Even when you think you're fit, healthy, and okay, you're wrong.  
Don't get my wrong, I worked out through college, ran multiple times a week,
but a five mile run can't keep up with the ten five drinks you the had the night before.

So we joined,
Weighed in (read: scariest and most depressing moment of my life),
and starting tracking our 'points'.
Logging every.single.item.we.ate.
But it Got results
Here are mine.

I was down 25 pounds in 3 months.
To give you some perspective:
25 lbs. = average weight of a 2 year old child
25 lbs. = five five lb. bags of flour
 25 lbs. = a small dog
25 lbs. = a 19'' TV
25 lbs. = a LOT for someone that thought she had nothing to lose. 

Here are pictures of my face (thanks photobooth) before and after
And here are pictures of my body before and after.
You can sure see those 25lbs., can't you???

That being said my lowest weight on WW wasn't maintainable with the lifestyle I wanted to live.
I enjoy eating out, getting frozen yogurt, and having a latte every now and again.
So I gained 5 lbs. back, BUT I have maintained the total 20 lb. weight loss for over a year now (you guys know what I look like now from my outfit posts),
so my experience was still SUPER successful.

If I ever need to lose weight in the future, WW is the tool I will use.
It's easy, manageable, and it gets results.
 But we all already knew that because we've seen Jennifer Hudson.
 Damn she's bangin'

If you have any questions, ask away.
I am happy to talk about any and all of my experiences.

P.S. If I am going to be totally honest, I am thinkin' this will be one of the more popular posts to date.
Isn't this the stuff people love reading about???
'Real life'
If it's not one of my more 'popular' posts so be it...sometimes I just can't predict what you guys are going to like.

P.P.S. I leave for Rio Tomorrow...Oh .Em .Gee.......


  1. Replies
    1. Still wish I had your abs girl!!! Thanks though!!!

  2. Congratulations! That's no small feat! Safe travels and I hope Rio is marvelous!


    1. Thanks!! I am so looking forward to rio. Can't believe it's already here!! I appreciate your support!!!

  3. you look great! i have heard great things about WW. i lost about 15lbs after college just working out more/eating better, and have kept it off for two years now. i def could stand to work out more now, but i'm eating much healthier lately than i have in the past. i can't wait for warm weather so i can start running again!

    1. Doesn't it make you feel so accomplished!!! It's not easy at all. Proud of you for rocking it out!!! I love that I am eating healthier too!!!!

  4. You look amazing! I need to get back into WW. I had done it for a while & saw results but just got lazy with it.. I'm thinking I need to get back into it & be strict this time!! new follower :)

    1. I feel you. If you get lax about it. If can kind of be hard. But I have faith in you. You can do it!!!!

  5. I have totally been considering weight watchers! I am within normal weight range for my height etc. but I'm on the higher end. I am about to turn 35 and its getting harder to lose the weight!! Enjoy Rio!!

    1. You should do it!!! I promise if you stick to it, it will work! It really helped me to so it with someone to help motivate me and hold me accountable!!! Also it will help you feel more energized and cleansed!!! Email me if you need help or have questions!!!!

  6. So motivating 20 + pounds is a lot!

    1. It is a ton of weight - I didn't realize it until I was at the store and picked up a five pound bag of flour and thought to myself - shit - I lost four of these. It was shocking!!!

  7. I found your post through Back East Blonde, she linked me to it! :) I LOVE this. Because I am a 24 year old who just joined weight watchers. I never though that would be something I'd do. Sure, I'll count calories, I'll use My Fitness pal, etc. but WW in my mind was like The Biggest Loser, you only use it when you REALLY need it. Well, I've got 35 pounds on my body that I need to lose, particularly in my gut because I'm pre-diabetic, and everyone has started to think that I'm pregnant, (Which I'm very much not). My friend suggested it to me, and I'm doing it. I want to at least get back to the weight I was three summers ago when I was in the best shape of my life. Back before I decided to go back to college full time while working at an office full time and a salon on the weekend. Back before I started dating my husband, got engaged, got married and got lazy. Back before I had mono and was forced to sit on my butt doing homework rather than working out like I was used to. :P Anyway..... I just started WW online two weeks ago, and needless to say, I fell off the band wagon for a couple of days this week so I'm pretty sure that I won't lose anything this week, but that's ok. I'm glad to see that other people who I wouldn't consider "fat" and who are my age have had success. Hopefully in a few months, I'll be posting my success story too!


  8. I totally get what you are talking about with the college/uni weight and not realising it! I finished uni at the end of last year, have moved back in with my parents and in about 2-3 months (on a sugar free diet) i've lost almost 5kg. I think the constant drinking is probably the biggest weight issue, oh and the drunken feasts and hangover meals, yeah uni is definitely a good one for putting the kilos on haha.


  9. OH my goodness this is amazing! You go girl!

  10. Just found this from The Daily Tay's blog and congrats! You look amazing!

  11. After hearing Nadine tell me about 500 times to check out your post, I finally did. Dang girl. You look hot!

    I'm on the weight watchers site as we speak...

  12. i just started WW, i went from a cross country runner to a fat slob that gained almost 50 pounds over past 3 years. i went from 145 to a little over 200 pounds. i hate myself so much at the moment i don't even want to be seen with my boyfriend in public. your story has really inspired me to make myself stick with this. today is my first day at WW and i want to make myself better each day. i started running again last week and i hope to get back to being myself by the end of this year. i want to see myself like i have never seen myself before and it is people like Kaylin that help people like me stick to this!


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