Thursday, March 28, 2013

Always Trust Your Gut ...

I had a random Monday off a week or so ago.
And when I run errands in the middle of the day, it somehow always makes me feel like a stay at home Mom, which is weird because I'm not a Mom, and I have a full time job, but I guess that's besides the point.

I relaxed, went for a run, took a super long and extra hot shower, and took my time getting ready.
Once I was ready, I set out to complete my errands, that usually take place on Sunday. 
Last Stop, Safeway.  There are two Safeways close, one's like 3 minutes away, and the other is 6 minutes away, I was at the closer of the two.
Picture not related to post, but fun wrist flare
Watch//Juicy Couture
Black Bracelet//Nordstrom
Lucky Bracelet//Lucky Brand

When I was Pac Manning through the parking lot searching for a empty parking space (wow, there are a LOT of Mom's shopping in the middle of the day), I saw this man walking towards the entrance of the store.He was not far enough away for me stop, but a little to close for me to continue at my normal speed.
So I sped up a little (from like five to eight MPH people) to pass him.

As I did so, I look back in my rear view mirror and see this man standing behind my car with his hands in the air, GLARING at me for a LONG period of time.

I'm not saying I am a wimp, but the man now knew my general look and the car I drove.
It was FREAKING me out.
I had visions of coming out to my car and having it keyed, I pictured him coming up to me and cussing me out, I picture him pulling up behind my car and not mind was spiraling OUT OF CONTROL.

I decided the safest thing to do would be to drive to the other Safeway and not risk my (or my cars) safety.  I parked and shopped (with Starbucks in hand) peacefully.

Was I crazy to think this man would have done something to me or my car, probably.
 But honestly, you never know these days, there are sooo many craze-os out there.
 I just wanted to be sure I was safe.

Though I paranoid, and then thought about what my Mom has always said.
"Always Trust Your Gut"
So I know I did the right thing.

Have you ever had an experience like this??


  1. I did this walking into the mall the other day, it was so nerve wracking we ended up driving to the other side of the mall just to be sure! I'll forever trust my gut though; better safe than sorry.
    xo, Maria

  2. First, love the wrist wear ;) Second, I would have done the exact. same. thing. My husband would have called it being too paranoid, but I would be just "trusting my gut" ;)


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