Friday, March 15, 2013

A Front Pack, Brazil, and a Baby

 Four Days 'til BRAZIL
and a Baby Shower this weekend!!!
And by baby shower I mean glorified bump viewing.

On a more entertaining note, I actually saw this in real life this week.
I snapped the picture while driving (I know, I know) away from Starbizzle.
Can we talk about what is happening here...why is the dog smiling?
There is nothing happy about being a dog carried around in a front pack.
Dogs can walk, babies can't, just sayin'
- - -
Now that we have that important facts are of the way, lets get the real juice of this post.
There really is no more juice, but you can keep reading if you want too...If not.
Just remember a week from today, I'll be in Rio.
- - -
The weather has been so nice this week, we're talking jeans and a shirt type of weather.
But my boyfriend has been SUPER sick with the flu all week.
So I've been making him home made chicken noodle soup every night, waiting on his hand and foot, and nursing him back to health.
So we spent the better half of the evenings this week laying in bed eating dinner and watching TV.
Apparently all I have to do to 'make him feel better' is lay next to him. 
Hey, I won't complain. I am super caught up with blogging, celebrity gossip, and my book,
which never happens, ever.
 - - -
Despite my unuaual laziness (there is no Zoey to walk, and I was home every night this week), I am still unusually tired.  I think those two 5 am boot camps just did me in, and
this whole day light savings times is really gettin' to me.
I've never felt it before, I feel like I'm getting old.
- - -
I am excited for my Sister-In-Laws baby shower this weekend.
I finally get to see the bump.
She's like you're dream pregnant lady.
She is tiny everywhere, and looks like she's hiding a basketball under her shirt.
I'll share pictures on Monday.

I'll leave you with this,
the wall in my niece's nursery.
How cute is this???

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  1. OMG that person with the dog... freaking hilarious!!!!


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