Friday, March 1, 2013

I Confess....Female Balls????

So I Confess...

So most of us ladies only have a two things they identify as balls on our bodies
- our eyeballs to be exact.

But that's just wrong, And boring.
Because we have three pairs of balls.

Eyeballs, earballs, and kneeballs.
And there you have it folks, 'Kaylin-isms'
Colorado circa 2007 with TONS of powder.

Standard, self explanatory.

 This saying was born during this ski trip in Colorado. After the longest day skiing at Vail, I sat down for an Irish coffee or two (or three) and said, "My kneeballs hurt."
Which is when the boys asked me what the heck a 'kneeball' was.
I really didn't know it had come out of my mouth, or why, but I had clearly meant simply 'knees'.

I can't remember when this term was 'coined', but I have a feeling it's because it's a word that is the same amount of letters at eye and it starts with the same letter, and it too is located on one's head, and so by deductive reasoning, it seemed logical.

And if you were all wondering this is what I will be doing this weekend.
Skiing with my brother.
For the first and last time of the season.
I'm excited because I'll be skiing with him, but...

...I confess he is way better than me (he was born with more 'natural grace' than I was) and he only skis once every other year. How is this fair???

You're right, it's not.

Happy Weekend
P.S. Thanks to A Blonde Ambition for a great link up!!!


  1. So I just found your blog through the link-up and was shocked to see your name is Kaylin! That's my name too! I go by Kali ("Kay-lee") but my real name is Kaylin. Haven't met another!
    Love your blog!

    1. Oh em gee. That's crazy. I always love that Kaylin is such an original name.
      Glad you found me. I hope you stay a while!!

  2. bahahah very funny!! i was like what a kneeball so thanks for the explanation! love your blog

  3. Totally going to spread your #kneeball and #earball... like how I just created #hasttags for them? Cause they are awesome. ;)

    Hope you had fun skiing girly!


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