Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ski Weekend

He gets the best brother ever award.
And I can honestly say he's my best friend.
I LOVED having him here this weekend.

Having him here made me realize- on a day to day basis I am unaware of how much I miss him.
I miss having him a few miles away, like he was for the first 90% of my life.
Being an hour plane ride away is just too far. (I'm selfish)
Having him here made me happy...VERY happy!!!
Here is a fun picture I took in attempts to be 'artistic', yeah we can all see just how well that 'worked'.
Anyways, here is something better...
If this isn't a precious family photo, I don't know what is.
We're all doing what we love.
A family tradition that my parents started years and years ago.

The good news about this weekend is, it means there are only two more weeks 'til I get to see him again for the baby shower.  Gosh, I can't wait until I am Auntie Kaylin. 
It's going to be awesome.

That's just about how my weekend went.
It was perfect.


  1. So jelly that you always get to ski!!

    1. Not always. But it is close to me :) Wish you could ski more!!


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