Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 5 Annoying Things I Do

Things I do that MUST drive my boyfriend crazy.
So I decided to make a list of the top 5 things I do that drive him nuts.
Sometimes I seriously wonder how he deals with me.
 He's such a good roommate :)

Play a single song on repeat while putting on my makeup and getting ready.
I kid you not it's the 'flavor of the week' and I play it over and over and over again while getting ready.  I have a problem though, I don't get sick of songs for a long time and when I love a song, I LOVE a song.  Right now this is my jam whoa

I am always checking my phone. You might know us bloggers are a little obsessive compulsive.  I'm always wondering who has posted what on instagram??? Have I read her current blog post?? What's New at Forever21? So when I am eating breakfast, doing my make up, watching TV, writing a blog post, sitting at red light, waiting in line at the store, laying in bed, I am touching my screen seeking more from all the social media sources #instagram, pinterest, facebook, blogging world, etc.  I need to make a rule no phone during dinner, TV time, or Sundays, and after 10pm.
I think we'd both benefit from this.

I set three alarms to get up in the morning, always.  Majority of the time, I get up my butt out of bed at the first alarm and put on my running gear and take off.  On the days that my first alarm goes off, and I am no quite feeling like a run, I click the top button to silence it, and forget to turn the rest of the alarms off. I hit the top button, and then 9-13 minutes later it goes off again and then another 9-13 minutes it goes off again.  But when I don''s three loud blaring alarms going off.

Leave things on my nightstand. So I'm a clean person overall (I vacuum twice a week, don't go calling me dirty) but sometimes I let things pile up on my side of the bed. My kindle, a water bottle, my camera, a magazine, and hair ties, some bobby pins, etc. sometimes always manage to pile up on my night stand. Always. On weekends when I am gone doing things (read this weekend skiing with my brother) I come home to all my things gently gathered together and put in my the top drawer of a nightstand.

I'm not sure what it is about keeping a car clean that I find so difficult, I spose my car and nightstand are my 'achilles heels' if you will.  I keep a few things in my car, and the few things that are in there seem to repoduce or something.  My yoga mat and windshield cover turned into snow booths, two umbrellas, my bootcamp journal, a box of things from my parents house, and two nalgenes.  Not quite sure how that happened, but yes it did.  I always thought that once I got a car I loved, which happened about a year ago, I would keep it cleaner.
What can I say, I guess I am a creature of habit.

I am sure there are a zillion more things that I do that drive him nuts.
But he loves me.
I love him too, unconditionally.
P.S. I'm sure spaying inordinate amount of hair spray while he's still in the bathroom, stealing his hangers, wearing his sweat pants, always want a bite of whatever he's eating, and needing to hear him say I love you a zillion times a day, are all annoying things as well.


  1. I'm a new follower and I loved this post! I thought I was one of the few people that set so many alarms! It's just comforting to know that you have a back up or 3 just in case you snooze...... xx

    Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    1. Hi Amanda. Thanks for stopping by and stayin!!!! I have been in vacation so haven't gotten back to anyone- but I am glad that you set multiple alarms as well. It's just necessary!!!

  2. I know what you mean about songs! I get obsessed with one song and play it over and over and over! On our honeymoon, I had a "road trip" song. I think we listened to it the entire 7-hour drive. haha :)

    1. Yay song obsessed twinsies!!! I just don't know what it is. I can listen to a song a zillion times in a row before I am sick of it. Seven hours- love it lady :)

  3. HAHA I'm the same way about songs!! except now the LO is the one who is taking over and we hear "elmo song" over and over again!!! hope you are getting lots of sun in Rio! can't wait to see pics when you return

    1. Elmo so might not be my song of choice, but whatever works!!! I am sure you rock it out! I wil share pics as soon as I have them all organized, my two weeks of laundry is done, and I catch up on sleep :) oh traveling!!!

  4. I am a nightstand stacker, also. Books, Bible, hand cream, lip gloss, hair ties, rings, lamp just to name a few. It all adds up and then topples over.

    1. There are just too many things I need at night. Lets be honest. Glad you are on my team!!!

  5. I don't know what it is about my car either... everything just gravitates to the floor boards... yet my house is spic and span... must be a girl car thing. And my phone...glued girl.. my hand doesn't know what to do with free time haha ;)

    1. Yeah don't ever expect my car to be clean. Maybe that will change when I am a Mom??? Hopefully :) my house is clean too - I can't take clutter !!

  6. I'd never heard this song, but sooooo catchy, getting stuck in my head already :/



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