Friday, March 8, 2013

A Note, A Page, and a Guest

The Note(s)
So the past three days, I've been listening to 'Forever21 music' AKA the new Tegan and Sara album.
It's pretty much flawless.
If you haven't heard it, listen to my favorite track here.
And the reason I call it F21 music is because it is very much the type of music you'd hear if you were shopping there.  Have you ever realized it's never quiet in there??? I'm sure you have...
Although sometimes I think silence might make those bright colors and skinny mannequins more bearable.

The Book
I finished the book, I Suck at Girls last week.

It was freaking hilarious. Like I laughed out loud too many times to count funny.
The stories that Justin told from his life were such simple anedotes of exactly what I would think growing up as a boy would be like, if you had Tosh as a Dad.

I won't ruin if for you, you can't really ruin a book that has no true 'end' or 'what happens' because it's just stories from his life.  But with a Dad with a dry and synical sense of humor the teenage experiences and learning of life lessons are more comical.

I read chapters in what seemed to be minutes, and it was as if I blinked and the book was gone.  One of those books that was effortless to read, and hilarious to think about.
 If you're looking for an easy read and a good laugh, I would recommend this.

The Guest: Brianne
Anyways I was browsing though news blogs the other day and found Brianne.
 Yup, it might be love at first blog. Or love as first sight, but I was so excited to have met her, in some sort of way.  We're not blog friends!

Hi everyone! I’m Brianne, and can be found over at Being Bracco!
I was so excited when Kaylin asked me to come over and visit in her house of blog!  I’ve been stalking reading Kaylin’s blog for quite some time now and am so thrilled to have become blogging buds.  We both are California girls and she pretty much had me at her first post of leopard.  Is this girl’s style amazing or what?!  Be sure to come on over to my neck of the woods tomorrow to check out Kaylin’s awesome visit!
Oh, sorry, I guess I might be going on too much about my “leopard lova”…so I’ll touch on a little tid bit about myself…
I am 25 years old and celebrating 1 year, this Saturday, of a life with a new last name.  My hubby and I are enjoying the adventures of being new homeowners and raising a now 4 month old pup, Bella, and her sister, Lacey “the furry pants”, cat.  With the new home, I have taken a liking to home d├ęcor and DIY projects. (Let’s just say my Pinterest boards are over flowing with ideas).  I also enjoy opening myself to new styles and not being afraid to try new trends I tend to like.

 Gotta get in the look away fashionista pose.. 
I seriously adore these green skinny jeans… I just want to continue to grow my colored skinny jean collection...And for $10 at TJ Maxx?? I couldn't pass them up! 

Not the most over produced, fancy pictures, but I enjoy sharing the trends I love.  I love sharing a lot of things actually…. So I hope you stop by over at Being Bracco sometime to see what new happenings are going on over there!

A huge thank you to Kaylin for having me over today! :)

And what I want to say is thankyou for guest posting!!!
Isn't she FABULOUS!!!


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