Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas and a Rainbow

I wake up this morning, almost not able to move after yesterdays boot camp, and somehow get my legs in motion to go on a walk with my furry little one.

On the day the world was supposed to end this is the first thing I saw,
I'm feeling pretty good about it.

On a much different note, Target is clearancing their Chirstmas items early this year...
Serious red tag splurging.

My rule- I can buy anything with a red tag.
No red tag, no sale.

I think I've finally got every single solitary Christmas present I need.
And after a serious baking session on Sunday, my baskets for the family will be complete.
Just in the nick of time.

And in light of Friday letters.
Here's the only one I got.

Dear Extended Christmas Weekend,
You've finally arrived.

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