Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend and What I Wore

Welcome all you Lauren and Lauren readers, thanks for stopping by.
Wanted to give you all a little snap shot of my weekend.
I spent Friday night baking Holiday Goodies.
Went back to a staple Funfetti, let's all be honest you can't go wrong with it.
And it's what my boyfriend asked for.

This is what I wore on Friday.
Casual day at work.
And the staple F21 comfy shirt helped me out.

I never would have thought that 'the bun' would be a staple in my style.
Why did no one tell my how easy, functional, and awesome it it earlier?

Also any tips on getting it right ever time?
No matter how much I try,
 it always takes me five plus attempts to get it right.

Also remember when I told you about these glasses here??? 
They can make any outfit look way cuter.
If you don't have a pair, get a pair.
They are stylish, a tad hipster (oh watch out), and totally affordable.

Also this weekend, we (my boyfriend and I) may have gone Christmas shopping,
 round two for our Dog.
She'll have a few presents under our tree for sure.
Talk about only child syndrome...

We couldn't resist, we gave her a toy just to hold her over.
She's not complaining about it.

Hope you all had an excellent weekend!!!!

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  1. Love the outfit and your bun looks super cute!


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