Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A New Point of VIEW

I have reading glasses that I can wear all the time if I want to look smart

Sounds silly but sometimes glasses are all you need to perk up an outfit, a iwokeuptoolatetodoallmymakeup type morning, or just because your eyes are feeling a bit tired that day.

My co-worker was ordering glasses and she founds this awesome site

The frames have a super retro/old school vibe, but are so cute.

See some samples below:

BEST PART IS: You can order 5 pairs of frames and try them on FOR FREE before you buy them. You pick the five frames, Warby sends them, you try them, and send them back 5 days later.  I did this (with my co-worker) and we wore different ones around work for a week.

Then simply send them your prescription, and for only $95 bucks you have a fun and funky second pair of glasses.

I got the Huxleys in Sandalwood. I love 'em, and get compliments on them EVERY time I wear them!

If you wear glasses, I highly recommend these!

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