Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wants

Here is a small (?) list of things I want.  Naturally not many will happen, but I thought I'd share them with you.

I would want it in this color, feminine and different then all my other purses.  This ones a LONG ways off, but a girl can dream right...

Nordstrom- Where Else?

These fabulous wedges.  They could be work and play shoes, which are the best.  Double Dipping.  I sure wish they weren't 5'', because they'd make me 6'2'', but that's only a slight detail right? (other colors available, I like the salmon too, cream just more versatile)

Express always has something I could see myself wearing.  I like this dress, but already own last year's version in black.  Not sure if it's worth buying the 'newer' edition, but do love the colors.  Waiting to see if it goes on sale (40% off all dresses), as per usual.

Express Here

I can always find sometime on/at forever21.  Let's not lie I'll probably be shopping there for a long time coming.  What girl doesn't?
Forever21 here

The bracelet would add both spunk and color to any outfit.  To get it in both colors might be cute too!
Forever21 here

Even though I already have four pairs, I still want these. Just admit it, they are great!

Nordstrom here

And LOFT always has things that I like to look at both in store and online.  I like this high neck line and pattern.  Would be great for a Sunday brunch at fancy golf course, because that's something I always never do...
LOFT here

And the list gets longer.
Good news is, it's a list of Wants NOT Needs
I will survive with or without them.

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  1. I seriously love that F21 top. I might buy it. I've also been pondering buying Tom's for quite a while. Are they comfy? I never know what color to get.


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