Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nice Sunnies - Totally Worth It

I've never had nice sun glasses, I have always loved the 

f21 $4.80 aviators

 sunnies from the vendors on the street in Venice beach, etc.

and the staple $10 pair from Nordstrom- B.P.,

I have never invested lots of $$$$ on my glasses in fear I would absent mindedly leave them someplace like the nets baskets in cars of Thunder Mountain in Disneyland, carried away by the waves in Cinque Terre, or on top of the car while loading things up - ALL of which I have done.

My boyfriend surprised me with BEAUTIFUL Raybands for Valentines Day (even after we said NO gifts) and they are GREAT.  They fit great, and look great on my face!!! As I mentioned before, I've never owned a nice pair, and now that I do I feel SO Grown UP!!! and Fancy. 

If you've never owned a pair I would recommend getting yourself a pair (polarized, it really does make a difference). 

They are totally worth it!!! 

To ensure they always end up in the same place, he bought me a special case to leave them in- it's been the key to success (aka not loosing them) thus far.  Let's hope it says that way. 

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  1. Kaylin - I am officially following you. Am up-to-date on all past blogs. Love the new sunnies (great name). Hugs...


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