Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Middle Part?

I decided it was time for a throw back, so I gave the middle part shot this morning.

My hair totally not used to being parted like this  has not rocked a middle part since second grade.

What's happening with that right side? 

So clearly the right side needs some taming, so I might need to try this a little more often to perfect it.
But at least my backside curls ended up complete.  I always struggle with getting my entire head curled.  It's embarrassing when your boyfriend asks you, "Are you going to curl the back?"

Take that back of my head

Also found this shirt at Kohl's, during my maiden voyage Kohl's shopping trip this weekend, and I love the top.  Overall I must admit Kohl's was a disappointment.  I feel a little bit over promised under delivered.  I am thinking it might be a little bit hit or miss ??? Please advise.  But Lauren Conrad got to me with this shirt, so I didn't walk out empty handed.

Also for those of you who have been waiting.  Yup Christmas is here.  The Semi Annual:

Happy Hump Day


  1. I tried a middle part last week and it was a no go for me. I feel like with your hair parted far to one side you can tuck behind the opposite ear. Thats my everyday look. Also, I really like Kohl's. I feel like the Lauren Conrad collection is a little over priced but the stuff is so dang cute. I do like the stuff by ELLE too and occasionally some super preppy Chaps stuff.

    1. I'll have to check out ELLE, and give Kohls another shot.
      Also I am usually and side part kind of gal, but I gave it a try. I feel it's easier to do now that my hair is shorter. I dunno though, I am not good with my hair p.e.r.i.o.d.

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