Monday, May 14, 2012

Pastel Heart Attack?

Here are some yummy brown sugar bacon wrapped smokeys that my boyfriend and I made for appetizers on Mothers Day.  They may contribute to your first heart attack, but they are well worth it!!!
Get the recipe here!!!

And I went for some Target pastel colors this weekend.
I saw this on Lily's Style and had to grab the peddle pushers!  

 Pants here
Shirt here
Watch here

Here are my nails- Bubble Gum pink, that I was excited about here :)
I think they turned out well.  I am not the best at keeping color on my fingers for long, I'll be lucky if they late 'til Friday!!!


  1. These nails are super cute! I love them. And I like the color you chose for the pants. Adorable.

    1. Thanks- We will see what they look like on Friday :/

  2. Those little smokies look AMAZING!!! I just worked out and now I want them haha! Healthy, right?

  3. They are so delicious. I did run for an hour that morning though, and only had two. I feel you w/ the workout :)


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