Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Dream and Subconscious Mind,
I know you are excited about ski season, I am too.  But please don't get me all excited about it (insert dream of powder, and epic ski day here) only to wake up to beautiful sunshine and mid 80's.  Don't get me wrong, I love my shorts and sandals weather, but there is just something about the slopes.  December is far off, and it's too early to get me this excited for hitting the slopes, but you are right mind my new goggles are awesome.

Dear Friday,
You are even sweeter today because it's payday.  Does this mean that I get to reward myself with something fun? I have been eying a few things at Nordstrom (as per usu).  Let me know, but either way I think they are happening :)

Dear Alex, 
I am very excited to see you tomorrow and taste at the winery you are working at now.  I feel like I should make the trip more, becuase you're not too far away.  Well as they say, better late than never.  It should be a fun Saturday.  I am excited that Kerry is coming too.  Yay adventures. 

Picture from my last Visit

Dear Last Nights Dinner,
You were maybe a little too good to me.  I think I might have to run all weekend as a punishment, but every bit of the Whiskey Burger and flour-less chocolate cake was well worth it.  And yes boyfriend, flour-less chocolate means it has no flour- You asked what it meant, and I gave you an explanation.  It was the simple explanation, not the blonde one, Thank You Very Much!

Dear Bachelorette,
I'm excited for this season. Ben was a little bit of a let down.  Really, Courtney?  How could you not see right through her.  Emily I hope you're better than he is. Oh and P.S. I think you're cuter than Ashley....yup I said it.



  1. I love the picture above! And I'm obsessed with the Bachelorette this season. Let's recap together. Miss you!

    1. I think it's the first season that I really hope it works out. Although I did love Ali, I was really routing for them to work out

  2. ahahah-- I am so excited for bachelorette too! DId you know that I got to go to Mike Fleiss (creator!) house and watch the show with some of the cast a few months ago? and owen wilson was even there-- talk about INSANE! anyways, I hope you have a fun weekend! loved all your letters thanks for linking up with me!


  3. What you got to go to Mikes' house? That's Awesome. Did you hear he was getting a divorce :( I hope Owens nose was just as impressive in real life.
    Thanks for the chance to link!!!!



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