Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sometimes and Always #1

So I know that I copy this blog a lot, but when your best friend calls and says, "I'm starting a blog," and she lives what feels to be 4, 487, 145, 980 miles away, you do the same, so it feels like you are doing things 'together'.   It's ALMOST like you're hanging out.  But 

When I told my Dad I was starting a blog because Nadine did, he said, "Why don't you just email?" Clearly he doesn't get it.  So here we go with another copy cat post.  But her post today put me in tears, only because I feel the same way, so I felt it was justified.  Plus she got the idea from Mackey Madness, and copying is the best form of flattery.  Thanks for linking :)

Sometimes: I think I can stay awake to watch a movie during a week night, even when my boyfriend reminds me this has happened once in the past year.

Always: I fall asleep 20 minutes in.

Sometimes: I wonder if I am where I am supposed to be, on the right track, shall we say.

Always: I remember how lucky and blessed I am to be surrounded by family and friends who love and support me.   Yes, I am in the right place.

Sometimes: I wish my Grandpa were still here to tell me stories, judge my life, lay it out straight and narrow for me, and keep my Grandma company.  She's lonely without him, even though she has two kids in the immediate area.

Always: I remember how many great years they were married, how much advice he was able to share with me, and how he helped shaped our family.

Sometimes: I am convinced I have everything I need for the day, before leaving for work.

Always: I run back inside to grab the missing item (i.e. Phone, Purse, Wallet, Computer, Jacket, etc.)

Sometimes: I think I call my parents too much.

Always: I remember, never too much.  They are just so helpful, supportive, inspiring, and understanding.


  1. Aww I love this. It is ALMOST like hanging out. I get to see pictures of what you did recently and keep updated on your life etc. I love it. I also love this picture of your grandparents. It's adorable (what a beautiful dress!). And I don't think there is a parent in the world that has ever said "my kid calls home too much". It's just not possible. Especially with parents as wonderful as yours.

    1. ALMOST- NOT....and yes great picture of my grandparents right?
      Thanks for the inspiration

  2. I run back inside every. single. day for something. You would think I would learn a lesson after months of this, but I never do!

    1. Me too. Today it was my gym bag. How do I not learn? For reals though?

  3. hey lady! i commented in response to your comment on my blog, but i wasn't sure if you'd get it :) i would LOVE to button swap with you! could you send me a 200x200px button?

    1. I'm making a 200X200 this weekend and will get it to you ASAP. I love talking to my brother, but always makes me feel better!


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