Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear all you can eat Japanese Fondu,
You were fabulously tasty, and enjoyable.  I would recommend you to any of my friends. You were both healthier (but saltier), and cheaper than the Melting Pot, which came a a surprise since you were all you can eat.  I will come visit you again sometime!

Dear Mother's Day,
I understand that there should be a day dedicated to Mom's and their greatness.  But lets be honest isn't that every day?  While we're talking- Mom thank you for teaching me to be productive sun up to sun down.  Yesterday I went running, grocery shopping, and had extra time to hand wash my car before work.  This I attribute to you :) Also I am excited for our dinner tonight, it should be fun.  One last thing...Someday I hope I can make an apple pie as well as you.  In the mean time I'll keep practicing.  Mom this year's for you.

Dear Weekend,
You're going to be a busy one.  But I am ready for you, let's go.  Please just leave me enough time for laundry (sheets included)! Thanks.

Dear Essie Spring Collection,
You caught my eye on the way out of Target.  I think you will make my nails look fresh and springy,  maybe even make them a tad more dainty?  Maybe? When I paint this pink Cascade Cool I will let you know.

Dear Comcast,
Your customer service is terrible, and you can never get anything right.  If any other business took notes from you they would fail miserably.  I'm avoiding calling you today just because I don't want to ruin my happy Friday.

Dear Outside the Lines,
I hope you're a good book. I didn't even read the back summary at the store.  I liked your cover so much I went home and immediately downloaded you to my kindle.  This will be the true test, can I judge a book by it's cover?



  1. hi! stopping over from the linkup! love that essie polish! i am so obsessed w nail polish I can never get enough!

    im having a cool giveaway right now on my blog, you should check it out if you havent already!

    xo Kelly

  2. I love Essie too. Thinking the Sparkle color might be next. We shall see.


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